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5 October 2010

The day started at 9, when I went to Cindy's to have the second half of my root planing procedure.  It seemed to go more quickly than the first half did and I didn't get as much book listening done as last time, but listening to a book sure makes a couple of hours fly by!

This time Cindy prescribed some antibiotics for me so I had to go to the Kaiser pharmacy to drop them off.  While I was waiting, I decided to get the lab tests I haven't gotten around getting yet.  The lab is just across the hall from the pharmacy and even has a pharmacy board in the waiting room, so you can check when your prescription is ready.

While I was checking in for the lab work, I asked if I needed a mammogram (since the mammogram desk is right next to the lab desk).  They checked the computers and decided I did, so I registered for a mammogram too.  The lab lady said that if I wanted to get a flu shot, there was a nurse on duty down the hall in the flu clinic who was giving them.

I went into the lab and got my blood drawn.  She thought my good ol' reliable vein, which I use every time I donate blood, had collapsed because she couldn't get any blood out of it at all, even after digging around in my arm.   Finally she tried a different test tube and that made all the difference in the world.

When I'd finished giving blood, I went down the hall and got a flu shot.  I don't know if they still use needles or if they have finally discovered how to inject stuff in an arm with some sort of pneumatic device because I did not feel a needle at all.  It's also possible that the novocaine from the root planning had numbed my arm too.  LOL.

Then back to the lab area where I was called for my mammogram.  The lady who gives the mammograms is from Russia and I can truly say I have never had a mammogram while discussing the benefits and shorcomings of the Soviet system of government and how the older people would prefer to return to Communism, while the younger people don't care.

I can also honestly say that I've never had a mammogram that hurt as much.  I wonder if there is a correlation...?

I left Kaiser completely caught up on all my pending work, still numb in the mouth, and having this sudden craving for scrambled eggs.  Kaiser is just across a field from an iHop, so I decided to go and fill my craving for scrambled eggs and they tossed in a side of pancakes for me as well.

I came home and took the first dose of pills.  The downside is that one of them (Flagyl) has, they tell me, the same effect as Antabuse and if you have any alcohol at all, it will make you violently ill.  Well, I guess I won't be toasting Kayleen and Sean at their wedding with anything stronger than water on Saturday!

Oh.  There is a new chapter in my parking citation saga.

The Department of Theatre and Dance has issued me a placard to be placed on my car.  I have been invited to attend a costume fitting for an upcoming production tomorrow and someone is going to meet me in the parking lot to give it to me.

But I have received a message from the Parking Nazi that they will not honor that placard and that she has sent a message to the News Media Management people and "will let me know" their opinion.  (This is so stupid because this has not been an issue for the ten years I have been using my old card!)

"No parking for YOU!"

I have not let her know that the Enterprise has ordered me personalized business cards after all, but I let the Department of Theatre and Dance know that I will not be attending the costume fitting they invited me to come to to help with my review of their upcoming show.

At 10 p.m., I got a call saying they would pick me up and take me to the costume fitting and drive me home afterwards.  There is talk of having the chairman of the department call the Parking Nazi.


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Today's Mail - a letter from my Compassion boy in the Philippines
and a Postcrossing card from someone in Slovenia.



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