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2 November 2010

I headed to the supermarket to get rice as soon as the game was over this evening.  I expected to find everyone there jubilant, sharing in the celebration.

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But no.  Everybody was going about his or her business as usual, and when a woman at the checkout stand seemed incredulous that the store didn't have the game on, the two clerks looked glum.  Nobody seemed particularly happy, excited or even aware that the Giants had broken the 56 year series losing streak and finally gave San Francisco a World Series-winning team.

WSChamps.jpg (24021 bytes)You know that I don't often write about sports here.  Contrary to popular belief, it's not that I don't enjoy sports.  It's just that I have no grand passion about much of it.  If there is a game on and friends are watching it, I enjoy sitting around watching it as much as the next guy.  I just don't eat, breathe, and live sports the way Tom does, for example (and the way I assume that Brianna will do when she grows up!)

But...the Giants!  I remember when they came to San Francisco and I remember the hopes rising and falling before.  I may not think to tune in a game when they are playing, but I sure was going to be with them for the World Series.

I'm sure my children would be shocked to discover that I watched every single game of the series, often by myself because Walt wasn't home when the game started.

Contrary to Ned's cynical statement on Facebook, the game didn't go to seven games so that advertisers could make the maximum from their advertising dollars.   They only lost one game and played the final winning again right in front of what I assume was a very disappointed Bush family, sitting over by the Rangers bull pen.   Yes!  Take that, Mr. Formers Presidents!

So "the torture" is over.  After waiting 56 years to see the World Series Winning New York Giants become the World Series Winning San Francisco Giants, it's finally happened.

WSTrophy.jpg (56772 bytes)

It was a very good day.

(There will be a ticker tape parade for the team on Wednesday.   Such parades in other cities have resulted in rioting or other such mischief.   I think it's a good idea that the parade will take place the day after the state votes on whether or not to legalize marijuana!)


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