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10 May 2010

I've had a lovely Mothers Day.  It started yesterday afternoon with the delivery of some flowers from Lester,

lesterflowers.jpg (78669 bytes)

with a note saying I was the best mommy a puppy could ever have.   Very sweet.

Walt called in the morning to wish me a Happy Mothers Day.  He sounded more depressed than I've heard him sound in a long time.  Health-wise, his mother is doing fine, but she's having hallucinations again.  This time it's birds pecking out the eyes of dogs.  They have moved her out of Maravilla completely and all of her furniture is in storage, which has been very emotional for Alice Nan...and Walt too, I think. 

Ned and Marta arrived around 9:30 and we drove to my mother's, where we sat and visited for awhile until her friend Paula arrived and then we drove up to the golf course near my mother's house for their brunch.

We started with mimosas (which I still think is a waste of good orange juice and a waste of good champagne!)

MDMimosa.jpg (37069 bytes)

They had a lovely lay-out for brunch.  I didn't think to take pictures of my plate until I'd already had some to eat.

MDFood.jpg (48730 bytes)

I passed up all the pastas, waffles, french toast, and the carving station.  I also didn't have any of the desserts, except for some very large strawberries.

MDStrawberries.jpg (32174 bytes)

At the end of the meal, we asked the waitress to take our photo.

MDGroup.jpg (36384 bytes)

We visited a bit back at my mother's, but it was finally time for us to leave.  Ned and Marta drove me home. 

Shortly after I got back home again, Tom called and in the middle of our chat, he asked if I'd received any flowers from him (I had not).  Turned out he sent them on Friday, but nothing has arrived.  I thanked him for the thought--and he's going to check on the order, so I might get some more flowers, perhaps tomorrow (though I will not be home for most of the day, so I hope they at least leave a note!)



MDNed.jpg (79996 bytes)

It's called "Mothers Day" but I think it was really "Ned's Day"



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