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7 May 2010

I can't remember why I sniffed at my hand this morning, but I did.  Some people may smell of perfume, some of hand lotion, some maybe of coconut oil from sun screen or the scent of a special soap.

Mine smelled of dog.  Naturally I posted that on Facebook for my status update, because I'm nothing if not about something funny to write on Facebook

In response, someone wrote, "Talk about too much information....please wash them now!"

Now there's nothing wrong with dog scent.   It's not like it's dog poop or anything like that.  My hands just smelled like a dog would smell if you buried your nose in her fur and sniffed.  If I washed my hands (which, surprisingly, I do several times a day), it would only take a matter of a few seconds before I smelled of dog again because as soon as I moved away from the sink, some dog would need petting again.

We now have a new dog in the house.  This is Emmy

Emmy1.jpg (49952 bytes)

She's another Demodex dog, who has some fur, but has lots and lots of yucky scabs on her back and that tell-tale Demodex smell.  She came with a bunch of medication.

But she's very sweet.  What I know about her is that she's about 8 months old, probably a poodle-terrier mix.  She and her brother Oscar were dropped off at the shelter and were so dependent on each other they weren't bonding with humans.   So Ashley decided to separate them.  She arrived here a bit skittish...

EmmyEyes.jpg (34258 bytes)

...but was sleeping in my lap by mid-afternoon and found herself a bed in the cage overnight.  Today she's following Polly around and learning how to bark with the other dogs.  And she has learned how to stake out her daytime sleeping area with the rest of the crew.

EmmyChair.jpg (42471 bytes)

In the meantime, a nice vet student named Valerie has been coming by to work with Polly, who, so far, is not liking it much.  When Valerie shows up at the door, she barks and barks and barks, then jumps into my lap and trembles like she has palsy.  Valerie quickly gave up on trying to "work with her" and is concentrating on just getting to touch her.  She brings treats and tosses them on the floor to see how close Polly will come to her.  Today was Day 3, and there still has been no touch, though by the time Valerie left, Polly had gone closer to her than she had ever before, but she definitely was not letting that scary lady touch her.

Probably because the scary lady didn't have eau de pooch on her hands.



PupsatAshleys.jpg (86743 bytes)

In the meantime, Bitsy and Itsy are starting to be mobile
and Ashley is getting the fun of seeing it!



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