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28 March 2010

It seemed like such a disjointed day.  We were going to leave for Santa Barbara at 10, but Walt, worried about his mother, hadn't slept much and had a lot he wanted to do before we left, so by the time we actually got on the road it was noon.  I wasn't in "travel mode" and when we stopped for gas on the way out of town I realized I had forgotten to bring my camera.  I never go anywhere without my camera.  We had to go back to get it.

I drove the first leg of the trip, so Walt could sleep, and chose to go the I-5 route, which proved to a be a very good decision.

We stopped around 3 for lunch at Quiznos and at about the halfway point in the trip, I turned the car over to Walt.  We cut across from I-5, headed to Paso Robles along the 50-something mile stretch of highway 41.  This area is generally very dry and barren looking, but we've had a very wet winter and I was really enjoying the deep green on the hills.

And then as we started approaching those hills, the green suddenly became alive with color.

Mile after mile after mile of glorious carpets of color, of wildflowers growing along the side of the hills that made mountain "fingers" coming down to meet the highway.  Carpets of yellow mustard and purple lupin.

And then off in the distance I saw the patchwork add a new color--a mountain covered with poppies.  I told Walt we HAD to stop


It was breathtaking and the photos don't do it justice.  I imagined Dorothy and her companions coming over the ridge there on their way to Oz and encountering the field of poppies!

After we got here, I found an article in the newspaper giving a "wildflower alert," and guiding readers to where they can find even more spectacular displays (on the road to the Neverland ranch)

I'm going to try to follow the instructions on the way home, I think.  The opportunity to see such a wild display of wildflowers comes along so rarely!

We didn't see Walt's mom when we got here...they reported she was "out of it," having been given morphine for pain.  Instead we settled into the house, went to dinner and then had a visit with Walt's brother Norm when he came back from the hospital.  Reports are sounding positive.  I guess we'll find out more today.

During the evening I had lots of text exchanges with Ashley and with Jessica, who is house-sitting for us.  Polly had bit her and wouldn't eat, but hid behind the curtains, trembling.  Ashley decided to take her out of our house and bring her to her house, so Jessica and her toddler son wouldn't risk injury from frightened Polly.  I think it will be a good experience for Polly to be in a new environment for a few days.  She is so bonded with me that if she doesn't learn to tolerate other people she's never going to find a "forever home."

I had no internet connection last night, but somehow have a weak one this morning so I'm going to try to post this now--then let the birthday revels begin!  The big party is this afternoon.



The birthday girl ready for her close-up--frosting and all



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