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11 July 2010

I notice that I did a meme right after I got back from Italy last year and I figured that today was a good day to do another one.  I've actually been in kind of a funk over Diane's death.  I don't think it all hit me until I heard from her family, asking if they could read my blog entry about her at her memorial on Tuesday.  Then the waterworks started and I've just been kind of in a daze most of the day.

So I went looking for a travel meme to challenge my travel weary brain and I came up with this one:

Where, of all the places you have never been, do you want to go to most?

Africa.  But I'll never get there now.  I'm too old and it's too expensive.  So if I can't go to Africa, I hang on to my hope that someday we can cruise up the inland passage to Alaska before all the ice is gone.  I also told Walt on our honeymoon that I would like to take a train trip across the Canadian rockies.   My hopes of ever getting to Brasil are fading, especially since we have lost contact with almost all of our friends there, though I still would like to see Iguacu falls and Nelson still promises to take us if we ever get to Sao Paulo.

Where do you most want to go back to?

I would love to spend a restful week in Arles, in the spring when it's not too hot, and when I can explore the city at my own pace, visit all the places where VanGogh painted and drive around some of the other local towns, like Aix en Provence.

Favourite City?

Outside of San Francisco, that would be London, because I've been there enough times that I feel I know my way around, at least the main parts.  I am always comfortable in London.  And there's all that theatre to attend!

Least favourite city?

The person who originally posted this said Tijuana and I would have to agree.   We were only there a couple of hours, and that was enough.

Do you speak other languages?

At one time I could carry on a stilted conversation in French and kinda sorta in Portuguese, but I found I hardly used my French at all when we were in France.  Jeri spoke more French than I did--and she never studied it!  But I can figure out signs in French and probably also in Italian and Spanish.

How do you get by without being fluent?

Most people are very helpful to the Ugly American who can't be bothered to try to speak to them in their own language.  Rick Steeves says he doesn't speak any language but English--and he's been all over Europe, and wrote the travel guides about it!

Best airport?

I spent 9 hours in the Singapore airport and loved it.  They have really thought out the comfort of waiting passengers ... and they make lots and lots of computer time available.

Worst airport?

After this trip, I'll say Moscow.  I hope never to see that airport again.

Best travel tips?

Forget about what time it is back home.  Get on "here" time as soon as you land and you'll have less trouble with jet lag.

Biggest travel mistake?

Leaving your credit card, ATM card, and Health Plan card at home.  If you do that, be sure you have a spouse along who has those things and is willing to dole out money to you when you get to the ubiquitous souvenir stand.

Best meal while travelling?

Pesto Lasagne in Porto Fino.  Simple dish, the kind you can make at home, but it was the most delicious thing I ate on our trip to France and Italy. 

But with three 5-course meals a day on the ship, we had some pretty good individual dishes, though no complete meal that was outstanding from beginning to end.   We had a shrimp cocktail with cognac sauce that was amazing and a zucchini patty topped with fried onions that were fabulous.

Most breathtaking view?

Other than the Golden Gate Bridge on a crystal clear day, which never fails to take my breath away, two sights that were instantly breathtaking for me were

- first, the Cliffs of Mohr in Ireland.  They are even more breathtaking if you are looking at the view from a bit of a distance and see your children leaning over the cliff to look below.  That's not only breathtaking, but heart stopping as well.

- second, was the first sight of the Indian Ocean at Hilary's Marina near Perth in Australia.  I don't know why it hit me like it did, but something about looking at the white deserted beach, the pollution-less clear blue sky, and the aqua blue of the water while the wind whipped my hair just hit me.  It reminded me of Judy Garland's character in The Pirate seeing the Caribbean Sea for the first time.

Today I posted the last video from Helsinki.  It's very brief and is just some street musicians we passed on our last day.  It was too much like the Woody Allen movie, Take the Money and Run...how often do you see street musicians with a cello?

I also posted photos of Kizhi Island, my favorite place on the trip, to Flickr.   You can see them here (not an overwhelming number--only 18)


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I loved it that ladies had their own vodka.  It was explained
that the other vodka was "too rough" for women.


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