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24 January 2010

Well, let's see.  I went to Herbert's 100th birthday last night.  I reviewed Tuesdays with Morrie tonight and then came home to watch the SAG Awards which gave a lifetime achievement award to Betty White.   I feel like I have all the secrets for a long and happy life by now!

Morrie Schwartz was only 78 when he died of Lou Gehrig's disease, but Mitch Albom's book about his old teacher and mentor, the man he called "Coach" became an instant hit (and spawned a number of other Albom-penned books examining the meaning of life).

Morrie.jpg (57462 bytes)
Schwartz with Mitch Albom

Schwartz achieved some fame when interviewed by Ted Koppel on what it means to die and how he was feeling about his impending death.  In that interview (which I came home and watched on YouTube after seeing the play), Schwartz tells people (among many other things) "keep an open heart.  Open it up further and further and further until you encompass as much as you can with your love."  He also advises people to "be alert and aware to the things that interest you and then go for it.  Be involved." 

Betty White, who just turned 88, says that the most important thing in life is to have passion for what you are doing, and she certainly has had it throughout her long career in show business and her involvement with animal causes.   I don't know that I have ever seen Betty White when she didn't have a huge smile on her face.

BettyW.jpg (119714 bytes)

In his closing remarks at the birthday party last night, Herbert imparted his wisdom for living to 100.  "Keep living...keep loving...and keep laughing."  He then added that two out of three wasn't good enough; you had to do all three.

Listening to all three of these people makes me understand why my mother has not only outlived, but also lived longer than any person in her family.   She embodies the wisdom of all of these others.  If there was every a person who "keeps living, keeps loving and keeps laughing," it's my mother.  If there was ever a person who lives her passions, simple tho they may be, it's my mother.   If there was ever a person who is "involved" with life, it's my mother.

I only hope that I can embody her view of life and follow the wisdom of the people who have been there and know what's truly important in life.

It's Petco day and Polly went off to Petco with all the enthusiasm of a little kid going to the dentist.  She buried her head in my arm, closed her eyes halfway so she could still see, but maybe thought I wouldn't notice that she was there or something.  She looked like I was taking her to the slaughter and clung to me when I went to hand her over to an SPCA volunteer, who kept her wrapped up in her lap until we came back 3 hours later to pick her up.  A man whose looks I didn't like asked me "is she for sale?" when I was picking her up.  Fortunately, I just waved him off in Ashley's general direction and rushed Polly to the car.  My baby isn't "for sale," she's up "for adoption."

Last time she went to Petco she came home freaked out and it took her several days to get back to where she was before she went, but she was thrilled to be home and just wanted to sit in my lap.  When I finally got up, she was back to normal again, so I guess she's getting feeling more comfortable here.


CA161.15448369-2-x.jpg (51665 bytes)

Sweet Polly Mixed-Breed!



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