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1 January 2010

Why do I keep forgetting about Skype?  Tom bought me a webcam before Bri was born and we've done Skype calls a couple of times, but I never think of logging on unless he has called to set up a call.

Today I thought I would just log into Skype and see if anybody I knew was around.  Imagine my delight to find my friend Lynn, in Houston, connected!

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We talked for about half an hour and I got to meet her new dog, Minnie, make arrangements to see her in a couple of weeks for her birthday party in Ventura, and wish her a Happy New Year.

Now I'm all jazzed about Skype again, so if you want to add basykes, I might just be around for a chat sometime.

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Though I listed the events of the "ten days of Christmas" the other day, There was actually an eleventh day of Christmas.  Ashley dropped by to do a skin scraping on Dexter (no more sign of demodex, thank goodness).  But she also brought some nicely wrapped packages, one of which was an ice cream maker and the other two ice cream recipe boooks!  I've been wanting an ice cream maker for several years (just what I need, right? It's a good thing Walt bought me a camp chair for fat people!).   I'm very excited about the opportunity to experiment.

Today I started looking through the books and discovered that they recommend chilling ingredients for up to 6 hours.  Also, I didn't have "ice cream" ingredients and Walt had the car.  I'm an "instant gratification" kinda person and so I started looking at "ices."  I found a recipe for Coconut Ice, for which I had all the ingredients (coconut milk, sugar, lemon and rum) and so I whipped up a batch.  I only had enough for half a recipe, and it was getting hard by 15 minutes (of the 25 I had set), so I removed it and tried it.   Delicious.  Now I'm all jazzed about ice cream, ices, frozen yogurt, gelato and anything else I can think of to make in this machine.  I suspect that the bowl will rest in the freezer permanently, unless it's being used!

Thanks again, Ashley!

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I may also have received another nice gift, accidentally.  I support Broadway Cares, a group of theatre folks who raise money for AIDS.  I saw that they were selling a Christmas CD, music made by the cast of various Broadway musicals.  I loved it and so I decided to order the 2008 CD as well.  Only when the CD arrived, it wasn't 2008, it was another copy of 2009.  I contacted the organization and the guy I was corresponding with said he would send out a copy of 2008 and a return label so I could send back 2009.  In the meantime, I decided to give 2009 to Jeri, so I told him I would just keep 2009 and asked him to charge my credit card for the 2008 CD, which he had, according to him, already sent.

When I returned from Santa Barbara, there was a HUGE, heavy package for me from Equity Fights AIDS.  When I opened it up, this is what was inside

Equity.jpg (48287 bytes)

It's a lovely music box/water globe which commemorates all of the shows playing on Broadway in 2008.  It's six inches tall and 3-1/2 lbs.   According to their web site, it's $45.  I immediately wrote to the guy I'd written to before.  I explained what happened and asked how much he had charged my credit card and what he wanted me to do with the snow globe.  When there was no reply, I checked and found out he had only charged me $20, and his e-mail says he was having a CD sent, so the screw-up was somewhere in their shipping department.   Since the thing was packed so tightly I had to destroy the box to open it, so if I don't hear back from my friend, I'll just keep it as a gift from Broadway Cares, and maybe later in the year I'll send them a $20 donation.

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Out with the old...in with the new.

There is good news for Dexter.  He has a new home.  I'm to take him to Petco tomorrow, having packed up his meds and his shampoo, and turn him over to his new family.

But the SPCA is getting in four new chihuahuas, a Lhasa apso and some pit bull puppies.  We will probably be taking at least one of the chihuahuas.  God forbid I should go into the next decade without a little rat dog at my heels.



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Peace and love



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