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16 February 2010

I did something last night that I have not done in recent memory--I did not post this journal entry before going to sleep.  What's more, it was a conscious decision, albeit late in the night.

I am having my annual cough.  This is the one that I get about once a year (though I think I may have gone two years this time).  It starts as a hint of a tickle in my throat and ends up with those Mucinex guys moving in for summer vacation.  Nothing works.  I've had it most of my life.  I've tried every medication there is and at best it may soothe it for half an hour or so.   Everybody thinks I'm dying, my mother rolls her eyes and says "you have it again, huh?"  It lasts about a month and then it's gone until it comes back again in a year or so.

The tickle started around cousins day.  I tried to ignore it, to think it was just a temporary thing, but by the end of the week, it was definitely moving into my chest.  The trip to LA was difficult because I was coughing so much during the show tapings.  I went through a full bag of throat lozenges (which do essentially nothing other than stop me from coughing while I'm sucking on them) and tried to time my coughing spasms with the applause so I wouldn't ruin the taping.

I really have just come to accept that this is what happens to me from time to time and I don't worry about it.

But I guess it really sapped me yesterday.  After coughing all night, I took an hour nap in the morning, then had lunch with the women in the writing group.

PegJoanNancy.jpg (51678 bytes)

I got home around 2:30 or 3 and tried getting some things organized on the computer.  By the time it was time to cook dinner, I really wasn't hungry.   I just craved oranges, so I got a dinner ready for Walt and then sat down in my recliner to watch the Olympics until 24 came on.  Next thing I knew it was 11:30 and the house was all dark.

I realized I hadn't written a journal entry, and considered getting up to do so, but it just felt so good lying there under the two dogs.  They were showing the ice dancing competition and I watched 2-1/2 of routines and went right back to sleep before hearing the scores of the final couple (the one that won the gold). 

When I woke up at 5, I realized that I had slept essentially 9 hours...and when was the last time that happened!  I had been having long complicated dreams about taking Polly to visit my friend Melody in Maryland and about Polly morphing into a real baby who formed a bond with a stranded beluga whale who was swimming up the street next to where we were having lunch.  I was trying desperately to get my camera out to take a photo. Very weird.

Today I'm having lunch with my mother, who will understand that I don't have terminal TB or lung cancer when I sit at the restaurant with her and cough and cough and cough trying to loosen up those Mucinex guys!

We're having lunch today at the Spinnaker in Sausalito, and I know we will have much better service than we had at the restaurant yesterday.   Though we weren't in any hurry and were enjoying our visit, it took fully half an hour to get someone to come and pick up our money after they had finally presented us with the bill.  It was also almost (but not quite) impossible to get refills of coffee or water.

Why is it that so many restaurants no longer come around with a pitcher to refill your water glass, but take the glass away and bring you a new one?   I really don't like that!  When Joan asked for a refill of coffee, the guy took her cup and brought it back filled.  Maybe it saves them a few pennies, or maybe it's a health regulation, but I'm getting to be an old poop, and dammit--I don't like it!

In the meantime, you guys just go on about your business and don't bother with me.  I'll just sit here in the corner and cough my lungs out.

In putting this entry together, I realized how repetitious I am.   We were in LA a year ago for the "Says You" tapings then, too...and when I read my entries I discovered that I wrote pretty much the same thing, including Tony mentioning me from the stage (though not by name), and our being stuck behind a guy who obliterated the right side of the stage from our view!


Windows.jpg (121420 bytes)

I love this photo.  Polly has learned to check out the window too!


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