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9 February 2010

One of these lovely ladies coined the term "poop asses" during a moment of intense "65" play.

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Now, we've said that what happens at Cousins Day stays at Cousins Day, so I won't point fingers, mother, but suffice to say that the word got plenty of use.

Yes, after four months, Cousins Day has happened again.   There were lots of reasons why we have put of this for so long.  Travel, health, and other issues came up, but we all were in desperate need of a Cousins Day, and it filled the bill.

Kathy and Peach were prompt when they picked me up at 10 a.m. and we got on the road instantly.  I was so eager to get going that I left giving goodbye treats to the dog for Walt to do for me.

We got to my mother's in time for coffee and catch up, which is pretty much how we start every Cousins Day. 

Then it was time for lunch--my mother had made potato salad, but said she had forgotten how to make what has been for decades her "signature dish."   I can't figure out what she left out,but she left out something.  But it didn't matter.  It still tasted good.

Of course after lunch we broke out the cards and started playing 65.   Over the two days my mother, Kathy and I each won one game and Peach won 3.   Show off.

In the middle of the afternoon, Kathy went to take a nap so the rest of us switched to Canasta.  The last game looked like was going to be a runaway for either Peach or my mother, but a particularly good last hand gave the game to me.

We woke Kathy to make appletinis for us while I brought out the spinach balls that I had made for hors d'oeuvres.  Walt and I had been to a dinner party the night before and the hostess makes those all the time and I finally asked her for her recipe.  So easy!

thaw 2 packages of spinach and wring all the moisture from them
Mix with 2 cups of Italian flavored bread crumbs and 1 cup Parmesan cheese
Add 2 eggs and knead with your hands until all is mixed

Bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes.  Cool on rack.  Serve with a sweet mustard (I used Mendocino mustard, which I love).  Really delicious.

spinballs.jpg (47142 bytes)

Over drinks and spinach balls we played another couple of games and then Peach served her chicken almond casserole for dinner.

chickcass.jpg (46228 bytes)

We decided we were "65'd out" after dinner, so we sat and visited, enjoying leftover Superbowl cake that had been made by my mother's stepson.   We all went to bed at 11.

Walt had called earlier to let me know that we were having another brown/blackout and that 24 might not get recorded so I recorded it on my mother's DVR.  I woke up at 4 a.m. and watched it then.  So I've at least seen it.   I may have to find it on the computer so Walt can watch it!

In the morning we had a game of 65 before breakfast, and then a pancake breakfast and a game afterwards.  Then we had DVR lessons, which my mother had been dreading.  I think she actually learned something.  I didn't try to show her everything,but just the very basic stuff.  I also set up a series recording of a couple of shows for her and showed her how to find free movies On Demand.  We'll see how she does.

In coming months we are going to take the pot of money we've saved and the four of us go out to dinner.  My mother is going to get fresh crab and we're going to have a crab feed.  And we are going to go searching for the land on which the house my mother lived in when she was about 2 years old is.  We know the house has been torn down (we visited it while it was still standing).  We are also trying to get a supplemental Cousins Day to include Peach's sister, to be held at Peach's house.

So it appears the poop asses are back on track and ready to face 2010 head on!


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