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4 December 2010

That's it.  I'm finished with CVS.  Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

I've finished sending out the e-mail notices of our Christmas letter (save for a few stragglers).  I've created a print version of the letter, without photos, and decided I could make a collage of the photos and have them printed to include in the letter.

So I spent a long time this morning putting together a collage, one of the dogs, and one of the family pictures.  I could get them from CVS in an hour, so I put in my order.  One hour pick up at CVS.  (Remember the problems I had with Ashley's book?)

I went to pick up the photos and they weren't there.   But we have two CVS locations in town.  I always pick up prints at one location, but had picked up Ashley's book at the second location, which thus became the default location.

OK.  That was me being stupid.  I drove to the other location (which isn't that far away).  I picked up the photos and thank goodness I looked at them first.

When you order photos, they show you on the computer screen what they will look like.  The size of the collage was the same size as the size of a single picture if it came right from my camera.

The prints only showed the top 2/3 of the photos.  On all three prints.  When I complained about it, the clerk told me that I should have cropped them better...but there was no way to know that the prints would not print properly.  My god, there is a guy who sits at a machine all day long and prints these things.  Couldn't he see there was a problem?

I ended up rejecting the prints and went to the rest of the store.  I need to get a few more kitchen-type mats for the puppies "yard" area, to make clean up easier.  They always had them when the store was Longs.   But when CVS came in, it reduced the amount of inventory and apparently kitchen mats were a category that was reduced.

The new CVS stores are carpeted and loook prettier than the old Longs store, but I never go in without leaving disappointed because something has gone wrong.

Just easier to divorce them completely and try to find a work-around.  I will send the snail mail cards with letter and no photos. 


baldshiloh.jpg (39597 bytes)Shiloh is the very first dog we've had here who has gotten worse while here.   Before he got here, Ashley decided, on a whim, to do a skin scraping on him.   She just had a "feeling." 

Well, it came back positive for Demodex so he arrived here with the usual medicine for Demodex.  We've certainly had a lot of experience with Demodex.  

Only it seems that instead of getting better, he's gotten much, much worse.  I don't know if you can tell from this picture.  The fur on his neck is thinning.  He has no fur on his elbow.  The fur on his entire body is thinning.  

They did another test this past week and found that he has another infection, so now he has two medications to try to build up his fur and cure him of whatever is going on inside him.  In the morning we have medication time around here.  Shiloh gets his two medications mixed in peanut butter, Polly has her doggie Prozac in peanut butter.  Lizzie and Sheila just have peanut butter because they see the others getting peanut butter.  We go through a lot of peanut butter in this house.  I hope that the routine is going to start showing visible improvement in Shiloh.  I've had bald puppies leave here looking normal.  I'd hate to have a normal-looking puppy leave here bald!



bedsize2.jpg (73391 bytes)

This is a better before/now picture than yesterday's!
(and BTW, they brought the teddy bear into the bed; I didn't put it there)


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