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2 December 2010

I have no bad feelings about the Kaiser operator.  She was only doing her job, but I wanted to scream.

Kaiser has this neat system where you can e-mail your doctor, get your lab results, refill prescriptions, schedule appointments, etc.  You have to register on line first.

I decided it would be peachy keen to get my mother an account so I could follow up with her doctor on her meds and lab tests and all that so I could explain it to her by telephone, without having to always drive 80 miles to go with her for a simple lab test.

So I started the registration process, but unfortunately I didn't realize I would need the last four digits of her social security number, so I had to stop the registration until I could get it from her.

When I got it, I went to continue the registration, only I got the message that because the registration had been discontinued before it had been completed, they couldn't give me a password by e-mail.  I would have to get the password by regular snail mail. 

Well, OK.  No problem. I just let my mother know that a message would be coming for me and to let me know when it got there.  It did, she did, and I went to complete the registration only I made a stupid mistake.  I thought I had set the account up in her full name (initials and last name).  But the password didn't work.  I did it twice, thinking that I had put in the password wrong.   Then I realized that I hadn't used that name at all; I had used just her first name.  So I tried that, and got a message that because the account had been accessed 3 times, they could only, again, give me a password by snail mail.

Sigh.  OK.  Once again, no problem.  Just a delay before I could finish it.  Today I got the new password, entered the right log-in name and the new password and AGAIN got the message that they could not let me onto the account unless I got another new password.

I called the help line and explained my plight and yeah, yeah, I know all about HIPAA regulations.  I helped to implement them for our office ten years ago.  The operator was very sympathetic and said she, too, was helping her own mother and was not able to access her mother's records either.  She said the only way that could happen was for my mother to talk to the operator directly.

Well...my mother talking to anybody about anything having to do with the internet?  Not gonna happen.  Ever.  Not in anybody's lifetime.  So I have to drop the whole idea and just drive 80 miles if I want to read her lab results and explain them to her. 

Yeah, yeah...I know it's for her (and my) safety...but it's sometimes so damn frustrating

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We've had a rearrangement in the family room.  The puppies are so darn big that they can't be locked away in the cage all the time...and they're sleeping less so awake more and they don't need to be fed every time they wake up.

But as they become more mobile, they are getting into more trouble.   Laverne, for whatever reason, figured out that when she gets out of the cage she should run down the hall and poop on the living room rug.  They still have soft stools, so it's not quite as easy as cleaning up the excrement from the older dogs.

I know that puppies often live in cages, but I can't stand to think about how little space they have to play in.  So I remembered that I still have an SPCA gate that I borrowed some time ago and figured I could connect it to the cage, so that they have a sleeping space and a big playing/pooping space.  Since this picture was taken, I've moved a rug to the fence space and put their water on that, so they don't keep getting water on their bedding.  I also added a few toys and they have started playing with them, which is very cute.

The overall arrangement is one I'm happy with.  Of course they only want to get out and haven't noticed that they have all that free space, but at least I don't feel they are cramped any more.

Of course it means Walt and I have only about a 12" strip of floor to walk in, but what do we matter anyway?

A final fun thing about today is that when I was putting the 6th load of poopy towels into the dryer, it refused to start.  The dryer is not working--well at least not working because the door won't close. I already have another load of towels in the washing machine waiting to be dried.

This is my work-around for now:

ducttape.jpg (61307 bytes)

Another use for duct tape!!!



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The Puppies are not always sweet and lovable!
Two of them looked like the'd gone body surfing in poop!


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