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28 August 2010

It was nice having Jeri around, however briefly.  Of course she's still here, but she has moved from my mother's house to our house and now to Ned's house, to meet Phil (who was driving down from Oregon with his Uncle Mike).  The band Preoccupied Pipers, which is playing in a little pizza joint in downtown Davis tomorrow night, will be rehearsing from now until I next see them all, tomorrow night.

But she spent last night here and in the morning, despite Polly's barking, made friends with her via treats (Polly was never exactly comfortable around her, but she did let her pet her).

She took Sheila out for a long walk and then went on Walt's bike for a long bike ride and a hair trim.  In between those two things, I fixed waffles for breakfast, even though it wasn't Wednesday.  I made these waffles, from Davis Life Magazine and they turned out great--crispier than other waffles I've made.   It also made a ton.  We each had two waffles, Jeri and I each ate a third an hour or so later as a snack, and I froze four waffles for a later breakfast.

She also got acquainted with Buttercup.

WJeri.jpg (142757 bytes)

As puppies do, Buttercup is growing up quickly.  Last week she slept most of the time, but now if there is any activity going on in the house (or if we are just coming in the front door), she runs and joins the others to see what's going on.

I've been trying to give her the kind of puppy mash I start all the puppies on when I am trying to wean them.  She's been unenthusiastic in her response, other than licking my finger a couple of times and maybe giving a half-hearted lick at the bowl.  But later toay I saw this.

BtrcpEating.jpg (104790 bytes)

She had stuck her head in Bella's bowl and was eating (at least until Bella growled and she moved away).  Later, I found her in the kitchen eating out of the dog food bowl there.  Oh, she's not weaned yet, but now that I know she will eat kibble, I'll stop mixing mash for her and just give her the opportunity to learn how to eat dry dog food.

Jeri returned from her bike trip in the mid-afternoon and already, so soon, packed up her stuff and said goodbye to all the dogs, before heading out to the car.

Walt drove her to Sacramento.  We'll see her tomorrow night at the concert and then on Sunday, we'll have dinner at Ned & Marta's house and then take Jeri and Phil to the Sacramento airport on our way home.

They will be back in Boston in time to celebrate their 2nd wedding anniversary with Lester, whom I know they miss.

They make this whirlwind trip every August and how lucky that they do, because, even though it's always a short visit, Jeri is so incredibly good about making sure that she spends quality time with everybody in the area while she can.



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