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21 August 2010

Shiloh howled all night last night.  I finally got up at 4 and took him outside, but all he wanted to do was play.  It took about 30 minutes before I was able to get him to calm down and go back to sleep in my lap.    We managed to sleep until 8 a.m....amazing!

But he woke up feeing very happy.  He had been neutered the day before and was drugged when he came home last night, but now the drugs had worn off and he was ready to PLAY.  But he can't play.  It's not time for him to be out on his broken leg yet, so it was a struggle.  I put him on my lap, as I have done ever since he had his surgery, but he was feeling too good for that and only wanted to jump off, which would be worse than running all over the place.

I finally put him in the cage, and of course he whined and whined and whined.  Then my salvation came.  Ashley wrote to say that there was a 2 year old Boston Bull Terrier being turned in at the Shelter by a single mom, recently hospitalized, who has MS and who is being evicted from her house and can't keep the dog (or the dog's 3 week old puppy).  Would I like to trade Shiloh for the Mom and pup?   I said yes, I would.

Walt and I drove out to the shelter to get the crate with the dog and her puppy in it. They told me the Mom's name was Bella, but the puppy hadn't been named yet. They didn't even know if it was male or female.

Belcarry.jpg (131461 bytes)

We drove home, while I tried to talk to the dog in the crate.

Beleyes.jpg (90100 bytes)

There was maximum butt sniffing that went on when Bella arrived and she was happy to be out in the yard, sniffing and exploring everywhere. 

I gave her water and some food, but she wasn't interested in food in the bowl; she sniffed kibble that had rolled under the playpen that is kept in the family room and she flattened her body as much as possible and managed to get all of that scarfed up.

Belcrawl.jpg (99096 bytes)

After the initial welcoming frenzy died down and everybody was content to all be together, I locked the four dogs (Sheila, Lizzie, Polly and Bella) outside, left Shiloh in the cage, and decided to check out the puppy.  Bella was very interested.

Beljump.jpg (88332 bytes)

I had thought I would name the pup Blossom if it was female and Merlin if it was male (because I know an actress named Bella Merlin).  But the little female puppy I pulled out of the cage was such a roly poly thing that I decided to name her Buttercup instead.

BelButter.jpg (96332 bytes)

Her mom is purebred Boston Bull terrier, but Daddy must have been a pit bull because this puppy looks like every single pit bull puppy we've ever had.

While we were waiting for Ashley to come, Walt had a chance to cuddle with Shiloh for one last time.

BelShilo.jpg (120940 bytes)

Ashley finally left with Shiloh and peace began to reign around here, with all of the dogs, except Bella, finding a place to sleep.   Bella was too interested in exploring her new home -- and we discovered that we'd better make certain to keep all the counters cleared, at least the first 6" from the edge!

BelCounter.jpg (107538 bytes)

So a new chapter with new dogs begins.  We won't have Bella all that long because Ashley says that Bostons are adopted almost as soon as they are advertised.  She will go up for adoption as soon as Buttercup is weaned (which should be soon).  We will have Buttercup longer because they don't usually put puppies up for adoption until they are 6 weeks old... and then looking so much like a pit bull, who knows how long it's going to take.

I miss sweet little Shiloh, but I have to admit that it sure is nice not to listen to him crying this afternoon!


Bella.jpg (176432 bytes)


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