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8 August 2010

Yes, I meant BLP, not BLT.

It appears that our little Cappuccino has found a forever home.   Things were looking good last week, but there were a couple of glitches that delayed things. Today Ashley picked him up and he went off to the training class to see how he would interact with his new family's other dog.  Apparently things went well and he went home with them today.

I feel really good about it.  Last week when I went to Petco to pick him up, he was sound asleep in the lap of his new kid and both looked very happy.   Today, I found a photo of the two of them on Facebook...

NewFam.jpg (205386 bytes)

...taken by the current mayor of Davis who is famous for taking pictures around town, posting them to Facebook and asking people to guess where the photo was taken.  No need to guess on that photo!

We got to Petco to get Polly (of course there had been no nibbles for her) and Ashley told me about Cappy's adoption.  She had previously mentioned that there was supposedly either a 3 week, or 3 month old pit bull puppy that was being turned in and would I be willing to take him if he was 3 weeks old.   Of course I would.  But as it turned out, nobody had showed up with the puppy, of any age.

"But!" Ashley brightened "How about Broken Leg Puppy?" (BLP).  This sweet little Doxie mix was sitting there with a bright cast on his leg, looking very sad.

Shilo1.jpg (148862 bytes)

She assured me he would be no problem, would spend a lot of time in his cage and he has a touch of Demodex, and since I'm the Demodex queen, it seemed a marriage made in heaven.

Someone at Petco today had named him Shilo, so we brought Shilo home with us.

Of course he had to pass the sniff test.

Shilo2.jpg (106672 bytes)

Shilo3.jpg (111967 bytes)

He apparently passed with flying colors because the other dogs pretty much ignored him once all the sniffing was over, leaving him free to investigate his new surroundings.

Shilo4.jpg (110244 bytes)

Shilo5.jpg (117028 bytes)

He's already learning how to find his own corner of his new (temporary) home.

Shilo6.jpg (111049 bytes)



FredGrad.jpg (326815 bytes)

Fred, who turned 7 today, has received
his Certificate of Completion


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