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7 August 2010

It's time to take some inventory here in my office again.   I was looking at the desk drawer and at the desktop and decided that they are really pretty ridiculous.  And just think that I had the desktop cleaned off not all that long ago.  Here's what it looks like now.

Desktop.jpg (143283 bytes)

And here's a guide to what you see on the desk.   (I didn't label the ziplock box in the upper right corner because that's self explanatory--I use the ziplog bags to put little bits and pieces in--the various cords that go to the various electronic gizmos that I use.)

Desktopcopy.jpg (72175 bytes)

OK.  Lets start with #1, which is my passport holder, which I wear around my neck when traveling.  It obviously hasn't been washed since we returned from Russia (note the stain).  It's actually sitting on a white envelope which contains the kit for a test I'm supposed to complete and send back to the doctor.  Also, unmarked but sitting to the left of the passport holder is one navy blue sock, which I rescued from a dog's mouth.

#2 is the only "normal" thing on the desk, my calendar, which I could not live without.

#3 is my iPod, onto which I have just loaded a podcast to play in the car for Walt--but it's a surprise, so shhh don't tell him.  (And no, I'm not going to tell you what podcast it is).

#4 is the application for an adult school class dated June 2009 (but I just printed it off, so I think the posted page has the wrong date!)

#5 a letter from Jeri, who has taken on the task of writing real letters to people from time to time.  It's a wonderful new thing she's doing and all of us blessed with the letters love them, including Cappy, who literally "devoured" page 1.

#6 a book I finished awhile ago just before Cappy chewed one side of it.  Sigh.

#7 a package of noodles that my friend Lynn bought when she was here a year ago.

#8 a foot care kit

#9 an empty box that my "moo cards" came in a couple of years ago.

#10 a notebook from Google that I got about 6 months or so at a Davis Community Network board meeting.

#11 the cable remote control.  My coffee cup is actually sitting to the left of the remote.

#12 pictures from Easter

#13 the TV remote control

#14 one of those ped-egg thingies

I did the same thing with the top drawer of my desk, which is also a great place to keep all sorts of junk

Drawer.jpg (156630 bytes)

Drawercopy.jpg (62955 bytes)

#1 a little folder from a gelato place we visited in Italy.

#2 a package of tissues Peggy sent a couple of Christmases ago (they were too cute to use for their intended purpose).

#3 a baby bottle nipple, presumably from some time when I was feeding puppies.

#4 two sheets of comemorative stamps, one Simpsons stamp left and still some SPCA stamps.

#5 part of a computer peripheral that the dogs broke years ago (hope springs eternal--I'm hoping that the longer it sits in my desk, the greater the chance that it will regenerate the chewed part!)

#6 I often floss my teeth at my desk, since I'm all alone and nobody can see me.

#7 Listerine breath fresheners

#8 My invaluable digital voice recorder.

#9 a cassette tape (I don't even have a cassette player any more)

#10 a photograph from about 1962 that I scanned awhileback.

#11 a greeting card.

I'd clean up and organize all this stuff, but what fun would that be.   It's all the thrill of unexpected discovery that makes the best journal entries!


BriRussian.jpg (263831 bytes)

I'm very pleased with how cute this dress
looks on Brianna.


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