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3 August 2010

I think I'm finally talked out.

When you've been married for over 40 years, you do run out of things to talk about, and so a house can become a very quiet place (unless you have little yappy dogs, who may make a lot of noise, but aren't very good conversationalists).

It's one of the things that cousins days are good for--reviving my ability to have an interesting conversation.

(I've decided that when we Pinata women get together for an overnight I'm going to call it a "Pinata cousins day," because it really is so much like cousins day, but with a different group.)

Char picked me up yesterday morning and we drove to Pat's house where we settled in to chat.  Audrey arrived not too long after that.

Since yesterday around 10:30 we have discussed the following topics (not an inclusive list, because I'm sure I've forgotten lots of things):

* religion
* politics
* Sarah Palin's butt
* perfect movies
* our trip to Russia
* foxes, coyotes, and moose (oh my!)
* our families
* diagraming sentences
* Rod Steiger's divorce
* The Baltimore Catechism
* undocumented workers
* libraries
* television shows we like and don't like
* poor grammar
* books we have read
* how the Beatles defeated communism
* sports
* Rachel Maddow
* whether bigotry is on the rise or on the wane
* advertising
* heretofore unspecified uses for burqas
* experiences we have all shared
* lizards
* pets
* pet lizards
* evolution in the Galapagos
* reporters in Iraq and Afghanistan
* Meg Whitman
* wine
* Osher Lifelong Learning
* priests we have known and liked or not liked

The list could go on and on and on, as did the conversation.  We slid seamlessly from one topic to the next, moving ourselves from couches (where we were having wine and snacks) to the table where we had lunch, back to the couches, to the kitchen where we played several games of Mexican Train...

MTrain.jpg (141449 bytes)

...to the table for dinner, back to the kitchen table for more chat, then to bed.  In the morning we met again on the couches for coffee and talk and to watch the birds and squirrels cavorting in the back yard, then to the table for breakfast and to sit and talk for a couple more hours until Audrey announced (for the second time) that she really had to go home.

It was just wonderful.  I just love having interesting people to talk with, and when they are people you've known more than half your life, so much the better.

Thanks, Pat.  It was great!


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