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22 April 2010

The Davis Enterprise on Friday was named the best small daily newspaper in the state by the California Newspaper Publishers Association.

The paper won first place for general excellence — the sweepstakes award in CNPA's Better Newspapers Contest — and 18 other awards, the most of any newspaper in California. The awards were announced during a statewide press summit in Monterey....

In addition to general excellence, The Enterprise won first place for editorial pages, writing, feature story, arts and entertainment coverage, sports coverage, business and financial reporting, environmental and ag resource reporting, front page, feature photo and photo essay.

I was kinda proud of all of us writers for the Davis Enterprise entertainment section when we all received a note from Derrick, our editor, yesterday.  It said,

Greetings, troops...

    Some of you may have seen this news in Sunday's paper, but for those
who didn't: The Enterprise scored VERY well in the annual California
Newspaper Publishing Association awards, taking a total of 16 honors,
including top of the field: overall excellence in our circulation size.

    The many awards included a first place for Arts & Entertainment
coverage, a decision that was made on the basis of two sample Spotlight
sections that were sent for judging last year.

    You all share in this award, as a result, and you all should feel
very, very proud. It's no small thing to be regarded so highly by our

    Great job, gang!

Derrick works very hard on keeping a level of excellence.  We sometimes lock horns when I'm upset that he's being so rigid on things like photos, but obviously his dedication and vision have paid off.  I was very proud of being a part of the group of writers who contribute to the entertainment section.

But then this morning, he let myself and another writer know that it was our articles that he had submitted for judging.  I was so incredibly honored!  It was this article of mine which he submitted.  I had such fun writing that article.   It was about the Putah Creek Crawdads, whose music I have listened to for most of my years in Davis and about whom I thought I would like to write an article someday.  The impending release of their first CD gave me the opportunity.

PutahCreekCrawdads.jpg (24780 bytes)

The group, which ranges in age from 38 to 86, consists of The Psychiatrist I used to work for (the guy with the banjo) and his friends.  Sitting in on their rehearsals, going to a concert, and interviewing each of them individually by telephone was such amazing fun.  To hear it helped The Davis Enterprise an award was just the cherry on top.

Today was my day to have lunch with my friend Ruth.  We have settled into an every other week routine.  We meet at The Great Wall, which has a wonderful Chinese buffet and always a bargain price for two people.  I am very much enjoying getting to know her.

She rides a bike in from South Davis and we meet at 11:30.   Around quarter to 11, I looked up from this computer screen and realized that it was raining.  I got on the phone to call Ruth and ask if she would (a) like to postpone, or (b) like me to pick her up.  But I got her answering machine and I figured that it was so late, she probably had already left.  I felt bad that I hadn't noticed the rain in time to save her the wet bike ride.

I remembered to pack up the books I had promised to loan her at lunch this time and to bring my camera (remembering the Prime Directive), and went downtown.   I even found a relatively close parking place and dodged raindrops to the restaurant, where I took my place, a little early, in our usual booth.  I waited.

and waited

and waited.

Ruth never showed up.  I don't know if something happened, or if she forgot (neither of us had called the other to confirm) or what, but after about 15 minutes, I finally had lunch and sat there reading one of the books I had brought for her to take home with her.

I've left a message on her phone and sent her an e-mail, but haven't heard from her yet.  But lunch was good, if more quiet than I expected.


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