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14 April 2010

Why housekeeping can be very frustrating.  The dogs have been tracking in mud from the sporadic rain storms, along with the usual dust, flying fur, and the pieces of foam from a pillow they have been destroying for the past several weeks.  Today I was cleaning it all up, including all the stuff that had accumulated under the furniture in the family room and kitchen.  I had this nice little big pile swept up.

dust2.jpg (37530 bytes)

First, Polly came over and started rooting through it, like a shopper at a big bin sale, until she found a piece of paper she wanted and then gingerly lifted it out of the dust and ran off to jump in one of the recliners with it.

Then the garbage man arrived and the dogs raced from the front to the back of the house to chase them away.

dust1.jpg (44529 bytes)

Back to square one!

Yeah, Polly is still here.  She's got it all figured out now.   She starts trembling the minute I put a leash on her on Saturday to take her to Petco, and is still trembling when she gets out of the cage at Petco.  In between arriving and leaving she may snap at a few people.  Then I pick her up, get into the car, she gives a smug smile, stops trembling and snuggles under my arm for the trip home.   We keep telling her this isn't her "forever home," but she's not buying it.

PerkyPolly.jpg (72426 bytes)

I am Polly's goddess.  She lives for my attention.  Look at that face.  That face says "are we going to cuddle now, please?"   Never mind that I have just spent several hours in the recliner with her...I had the audacity to get up for a couple of minutes.

Whenever I walk--anywhere--she follows along behind me, constantly leaping at my calves.  Whenever I go behind a closed door she stands at the door whining.  She's worse than a toddler. 

But she's the best dog to sleep with.  As soon as I cover us up with a quilt, she burrows under it, along my left leg, sometimes with her head on my chest, and falls asleep.  She doesn't move all night long and when I wake up some 5-7 hours later, she is crushed that I actually sit up and get up.  How dare I leave her alone in the chair when all she wants is to sleep in my lap.

scaredPolly.jpg (45541 bytes)

That pathetic face and body language say "you have that funny black box pointed in my direction; please don't hurt me."  It's why I have so few photos of her.  She's terribly uncooperative.

Who knows how much longer this little girl, who has been here nearly 4 months, will be here.  I suspect that it's going to take a long time for her to transfer her slavish devotion to me over to a new forever mom.  But it will happen eventually.  My calves will rejoice on that day, though I will miss her whenever I go to sleep at night.

She's a sweet little dog, but she's not home yet...even if she thinks she is.

I went to write a note to that guy who called me the other day to tell me how much he liked my journal.  One of the things we spoke about was Lawsuit and his desire to find more Lawsuit music.  I went to YouTube and found all the "new" stuff that Ned has uploaded over the past several months--more than I had seen in a very long time.

Walt and I both watched the video below and laughed a lot.  It's very long (10 minutes), but if you can stick with it through the first 8 minutes or so, I think it's worth it.  It was recorded in August of 1996.  It was the only time during a Lawsuit concert that Paul was so dumbfounded he couldn't find words.



thinbuns.jpg (121244 bytes)

...oh, if only you could really go to the store and buy thin buns!



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