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QI and QAT

13 April 2010

I love learning about Q words that don't need a U and I have used the title words more times than I can count in the past couple of years.   Ideally you hope that it will yield either a triple letter score for the Q or a triple word score for the word.  The Sowpods dictionary recognizes a plural of QI, QIS, though Jeri challenges that usage.  Heck, I don't make the rules and if it's good enough for Sowpods, it's good enough for me.

But I'm not doing too well on Scrabble these days.  My friend Joan is kicking my butt. 

I decided to check through my old e-mails to find out exacty how many games I've won playing with her.  I don't have all the scores, since we have one continuous running game, so this doesn't seem like enough games to me.  But it seemed we both had bits of time when we were out of town, so maybe this is correct.

1/12/10 - Joan 418, Me 247
1/25/10 - Joan 314, Me 224
1/29/10 - Me 304, Joan 298
2/1/10 - Joan 446, Me 402
2/5/10 - Joan 337, Me 366
2/15/10 - Joan 483, Me 248
2/25/10 - Joan 470, Me 227
3/10/10 - Joan 341, Me 312
3/21/10 - Joan 405 Me 227
3/25/10 - Joan 368, Me 332
4/3/10 - Joan 477, Me 267
4/8/10 - Joan 420, Me 305
4/23/20 - Joan 386, Me 324

Is it any wonder that I'm feeling depressed about it?

Apparently my game is Lexulous and I'm doing to Jess Brown in Lexulous what Joan is doing to me in Scrabble.

Lexulous is Facebook's version of Scrabble, with different colors, and 8 letters to work with instead of 7.  Awhile ago, you could play Scrabble on Facebook and I think they ran afoul of copyright laws, so they developed their own version.

lexulous.jpg (26233 bytes)

scrabble.jpg (89149 bytes)

Maybe the white board is luckier for me, but I seem to win more games on Facebook than I do on Pixie Pit (which is where we play Scrabble).

Facebook has a ton of games, but most of them require you to give access to your information and the information of all your friends, so I just stick to the ones that don't.  The only other game to which I'm really addicted is Bejeweled.  (I even downloaded it to my iTouch.)

bejeweled.jpg (83004 bytes)

In this you have to match 3 (or more) jewels in a row, up or down, to get a score.  I'm not nearly as good as a lot of my friends, but I am at least creeping up on my former high school classmate.

BejScore.jpg (9036 bytes)

It's Joan's turn to start our next Scrabble game.  I can hardly wait to see how she's going continue to humiliate me tomorrow!  But it's my move in Lexulous, so watch out, Jess...I'm commin' for ya!  Bwahaha.



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Tom and Laurel are in their new house;
this is the first fire in their new fireplace (their first fireplace!)

Laurel says, "Popcorn and milk, and sitting by the fire in jammies after Bri's bath.
Gotta start traditions for rainy day weather!"



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