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5 April 2010

In years past, when we gathered at Walt's brother and sister-in-law's house for Easter dinner, we often held hands and said grace before the food was passed.  As I looked down the table at the group of adults (and one toddler) gathered there today, I dunno -- somehow I was happy that we had bypassed that tradition this year.   It just would have been.... weird!

EAears.jpg (45329 bytes)

EAears2.jpg (56276 bytes)

But I'm getting ahead of myself.  Tom had let me know the night before, after they arrived at my mother's house, that there would be an Easter egg hunt in the morning and I said I'd be there.  "Cool," he said.  I set my alarm for 5 a.m. and was out of here shortly after 6.  By the time I arrived, everybody was already up and the Easter Bunny had brought a basket...

EAbasket.jpg (37843 bytes)

...but the big hunt had not yet taken place.  First Tom and Laurel went out for a run, while Bri watched the Princess and the Frog with Grandpa.

EAvid.jpg (39362 bytes)

She was totally mesmerized for about 30-40 minutes while Mommy and Daddy were out.  She is definitely a video kid!

We took her outside for the big Easter Egg hunt

EAhunt.jpg (47845 bytes)

And then, after breakfast and getting dressed in her Easter finery, we went to Uncle Norm's and Auntie O's for the big Easter dinner...and all those funny bunny ears.  Somehow we didn't really need bunny ears to be silly.

EAfam.jpg (32820 bytes)

Predictably, Bri loved Uncle Ned and they had a great time together.   He taught her all about false teeth.

EAteeth.jpg (36419 bytes)

She wasn't quite sure what to make of that.

EAexp.jpg (25305 bytes)
Silly Uncle Ned

She really wasn't sure what to make of Ned at all.

EATalk.jpg (35746 bytes)

But she decided he was pretty funny when they played with mechanical chickens.

EAchick.jpg (35220 bytes)

And he kept her entertained while she had her diaper changed.

EAdia.jpg (40717 bytes)

They even cried together.

EAcry.jpg (35136 bytes)

And when she wanted more serious adult interaction, there were all those other grown ups to talk to.

EATalkCircle.jpg (41011 bytes)

All in all, and bunny ears aside, it was really a fun Easter and we had such a good time with Bri.



EasterPOTD.jpg (75175 bytes)

Now THAT's a photo!



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