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21 September 2009

I'm in my third year of taking self portraits to post on Flickr.  When I die, nobody is going to be able to complain that there were never any photos taken of me! 

But after three years, there is a little dampening of that creative spark that was there during year one.  I notice that all of us who have continued on into the third year sometimes have to really stretch things to get a daily self portrait.  I posted this one recently, for example, because it was nearing midnight and I still hadn't taken my daily photo.

legs.jpg (99578 bytes)

But the very next day I came across a web site, run by Hallmark Cards, called "Every Day's a Holiday."  It lists at least one holiday for every day of the year.  So I decided to start posting a photo a day related to one of the day's holidays. 

(I should add that the day after I found the site, I lost it and, since its sponsor was Rice Krispie treats, I spent a day looking for all the Rice Krispie and Kelloggs sites I could find, to no avail..then thought of retracing my steps through the History, where I found it again, but in the process found several other "every day's a holiday" sites.)  So I'm going to see how far I can go celebrating holidays.

Like National Cheeseburger Day.

cheeseburger.jpg (106470 bytes)

This actually was a  more difficult shot to get than you'd expect.  We only have one drive-thru fast food place on this side of town and when I got there, it was "temporarily closed."  (I learned later that they had closed down SEVENTY Jack-in-the-Boxes in the area that day, and then reopened them later, under Chapter 11!)  I was going to start the project, then, on a different day, but after going to see Seussical Friday night, I decided I'd drive by Jack-in-the-Box again, and it was opened.  So this photo was taken at 11 p.m. ... and the dogs got most of the food I bought because I wasn't really hungry at all.

The next day, "Talk like a Pirate Day" just involved a lot of Photoshop manipulation.

pirate.jpg (49213 bytes)

But I was ready for National Women's Friendship Day today...

Crepeville.jpg (100504 bytes)

...because Catherine (left) was bringing her daughter Siobhan to UC Davis to move into the dorm.  The two of them and their friend Artemis met me for a late lunch at Crepeville.

And I'm really looking forward to the 22nd, which is "Elephant Appreciation Day" because I have a GREAT photo already for that.

elephantday.jpg (158644 bytes)

(This is what I'd look like if I had Peggy's body!)

It may be an interesting year...or I may just give up at some point, but there are lots of really great possibilities among the lists I found.


pablum.jpg (63728 bytes)

"Got Pablum?"


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