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9 September 2009

They were here before 9 a.m., as promised.  They called at 8:30 to say they were leaving the shop and would be here within half an hour.

Within a matter of minutes it was out with the old...

OutOld.jpg (37406 bytes)

...and in with the new...

InNew.jpg (50372 bytes)

After all this time, I finally have a brand new stove, and what a beauty it is.  The top looks so high tech I almostfeel like humming the Star Wars theme whenever I look at it!

stovetop.jpg (55081 bytes)

The middle burner section comes out and a griddle piece fits in there, something I've wanted for a long time.  We had a built-in griddle on the stove I grew up with in San Francisco.

And best of all, I have a working oven again.  The nice thing about our old stove was that it was gas (as is this), and so even if the power went out, with the use of a flint starter, I could always get the burners to operate.

There's kind of a PS to my mother's birthday.  Before the party we were trying to remember how old her oldest sister was when she died.

BarbMarieMom.jpg (35904 bytes)

My aunt Barb, who was the youngest in the family, is on the left, Marie, who was the oldest in the family is in the middle and my mother is on the right.   This was taken on Marie's 80th birthday, we figured out, when we found that she was 87 when she died. 

MARIE-B.jpg (8668 bytes)This is my aunt Marie in 1987.  I thought this must have been her 90th birthday, but apparently she is 85 in this picture, the oldest in age of the family at the time when she died.

So not only has my mother outlived all of her siblings, she also has lived longer than any of her siblings.  Her parents both died in their late 80s.

She thought that perhaps her grandfather (or maybe it was her great-grandfather) had lived into his 90s so we hauled out "Connections," the book that Peach wrote about the family history and discovered that the man was 89 and one month when he died. 

So as far as we can determine, my mother has lived longer than any of her relatives that we have been able to find.  And she looks pretty damn good, dontcha think!! 

Mom90.jpg (40934 bytes)

(Of course the fact that I don't remember ever seeing Marie smile and my mother smiles all the time may be a huge contributing factor!)



corsage.jpg (75977 bytes)

Her friend Paula was helping her to
put on her corsage


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