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1 September 2009

Jeri leaped up from the table and went to the counter to get a napkin and a piece of paper on which she could write.  "We need a plan," she said.  "Now what still has to be done?"  Quickly we listed all the things that remained undone and that needed to be done between now and Friday morning.

JeriLists.jpg (29648 bytes)

We were sitting at In-n-Out Burger having lunch at 2 p.m.  Jeri was feeling very guilty because she was there without Phil and texted him to apologize, saying I made her come without him.

JeriInOut.jpg (54183 bytes)

In truth, she lied.  It was a mutual decision.  We wanted to go to the Subway next door, but service was so slow and I was aware that the puppies would be waking up hungry very soon, so we chose In-n-Out instead.  We had just come from a big shopping at Costco.

JeriCostco.jpg (61019 bytes)

Jeri has been just the tonic I needed.  It's been so long since I've "entertained," that I'm at the point where I'm just frazzled and don't know which needs to be done first and feel like I'm spinning.  But we had done most of the Costco shopping, for all the hors d'oeuvres and drink stuff.  We had soft drinks (both Coke and Pepsi--Peach has called twice to make sure there will be diet Pepsi for her to drink), some fruit drinks, 7-up and water.  Tom will have wine and Ed (my mother's stepson) has rented a keg of beer.  If we run short of food, we can always drink ourselves into oblivion (which, knowing the alcoholic history of my family, is not entirely beyond the range of possibility!)  There will also, of course, be vodka and tonic, because you can't have a party for my mother without vodka there.

Skyy.jpg (59889 bytes)
(I bought three bottles, only two of which show here)

We solved the decoration problem with a trip to Woodland's new huge Target, and I also treated myself to a deep fat fryer to make cooking Mexican won ton easier.

We were quickly checking things off of Jeri's list and it felt good.   As she was in Europe, Jeri is a great support system and her unflagging enthusiasm and refual to think negative becomes infectious

I decided to buy a birthday cake because there has still been no word on the new stove and I'm afraid that I'm not going to have enough time to bake a cake and decorate it.  While I'm disappointed that the cake won't be "home made," I'm also relieved because it's one job I don't have to do.   I ordered an undecorated sheet cake, so at least I'll be able to decorate it, but won't have to worry about the baking part.

I still have to make Mexican won ton, and stuffed jalapenos.   We'll also have tortilla chips with cheese sauce, and I am thankful that I have a crock pot to heat it up.

MeQueBueno.jpg (67281 bytes)

Jeri was just what the doctor ordered.  It's all starting to feel more "do-able." 

Oh...and I chose "martini colors" for September's page, in honor of my mother.  Not that she is a martini drinker, but she loves her vodka tonics and this was the closest "colorful" wallpaper I could find!   (Besides, the green is kind of "lime colored" anyway) The Mexican smiley in the logo is because we're having a taco bar at the party and my mother is trying to find some sort of Mexican-themed thing to wear.



LesterLake.jpg (70258 bytes)
One of Jeri and Phil's pictures from their road trip.



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