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24 October 2009

The period of transition has started around here.

Yesterday, Cayce, a local dog trainer, took Higgins to visit a family who is looking for a second dog.  They need one who is gentle but who is going to be big (that certainly describes Higgins to a "T").  It was a test play date and she brought him back a couple of hours later saying it had been a great success.  The family's other dog had been attacked by a big dog some time ago and is very afraid around dogs, but the two dogs seemed to get along well.  She thinks this may be the perfect placement for Higgins. So we'll see where this goes.

The puppies are all getting so big.  I know it's time for them to find forever homes.  They've now been at Petco two Saturdays and it's only a matter of time before they all find new families.

This morning I took this picture.  When I'm sleeping in the recliner they all sleep directly in front of me, on the dog bed.   When they hear the sound of the footrest on the recliner click down three heads immediately pop up and they sit there staring at me for a few seconds before they come over to me for snuggles.  I've been meaning to keep a camera directly next to me so I'm all ready to take a photo as soon as I sit up and today I finally got it.

Trio.jpg (257151 bytes)
Higgins, Eliza, Freddie

(Actually, it's not cuddles so much they want as that this is their "OK--you're finally awake...when are you going to feed us?" look!)

At the same time, Dexter has been to the vet's and been neutered.  He was gone 3 days (because they go up to UCD and they keep the dogs for a few days to give the students an opportunity to work with them).  I swear he doubled his fur while he was there.

fuzzy.jpg (114617 bytes)
Furry Dexter

As you can see, he's well on his way to looking like a real dog again (though extremely nervous being perched on top of my desk!)  It won't be too much longer before he's ready to go up for adoption too. 

This is always kind of the bittersweet time.   It's nice to think of not having the piles of poop to clean up every day and as they start literally eating me out of house and home (Higgins will chew anything, though stops when you tell him to, thank goodness.  He decided to chew a wall the other night.) it's nice to think of someone else taking on the task of training them not to chew, but yet these guys have been with me literally since birth, so it's always sad to think of them leaving.

I always say, as each group of puppies looks toward leaving, that these were the best puppies ever.  And I always believe that every time.  Maybe I just have really good puppies (though there were a couple of litters that I was very happy to see leave).  But these guys definitely rank up there among the best.  Maybe Tater and Tot were the best, but probably only becuase Tot/Lester has stayed in the family and I see how happy she has made Jeri and Phil.

But I will really always remember the My Fair Lady puppies fondly.  Of course it's not like they're all leaving tomorrow.   They may still be here for several weeks.  But I can see the clock ticking and I know that it's only a matter of time--and someone else recognizing the sweetness that I see in all of them.


growth.jpg (284014 bytes)

Look at how fast they're losing that "baby" look and starting
to look more like dogs.


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