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16 October 2009

I found this a long time ago on Laquet

What are your current obsessions?

Facebook, I guess.  The 365 Project on Flickr, especially now that I've started taking a photo representing a different holiday each day.   The iTouch Kindle app, which is helping me to read so much more than I have in the last five years.  And, of course, this blog.

Which item from your wardrobe do you wear most often?

That's easy--sweat pants and t-shirts.  I wear them almost every day.  Sweat pants are all black and t-shirts vary, depending on which is clean.

What's for dinner?

Lamb chops and veggies of some sort.

Last thing you bought?

$100 worth of miscellaneous sundries at Target, which included such frivolous things as socks, yogurt, and toilet paper.

What are you listening to?

Survivor is on in the background.  I've been half watching it.  But I hate "eat something really gross" day, so I'm trying not to watch too carefully!

If you were a god/goddess who would you be?

goddess-willendorf.jpg (26328 bytes)The Goddess of Wilendorf.  The Goddess of Willendorf, great-bellied giver of life and great-breasted source of nourishment, was also called the Venus of Willendorf. Discovered in Austria by archeologists, she is both the earliest depiction (estimated at 30,000 - 25,000 BCE) of the human form and the first known religious image of the Mother Goddess in all her raw and fertile splendor. Art historians intensely debate the sophistication of her detail, her unknowable face, the dynamism of her braided hair, and her profoundly regal posture.

(And besides, she looks like me!)

Reading right now?

Diana Gabaldon's "Dragonfly in Amber" is one I'm alternatively reading and listening to in the car; I'm also reading Pat Conroy's "South of Broad," which is proving to be another winner by an author I enjoy.   And I just got Judy Shepard's "The Meaning of Matthew" for my Kindle App and plan to start reading that.

4 words to describe yourself.

Fat, lazy, big-hearted, compassionate

Guilty pleasure?

Anything bad for me.

Who or what makes you laugh until you’re weak?

I don't think I've "laughed until I was weak" since I left Australia, but a lot of Ned's videos can certainly leave me giggling a lot.

First spring thing?

Blossom buds.

Planning to travel to next?

New York City, next month, to see the opening of Jimmy's play, "Zero Hour."  We're also going to see the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Show too, since I've never seen it and probably will never be in New York in November again.

zero.JPG (93464 bytes)

Best thing you ate or drank lately?

A fabulous Crab Louis salad at The Spinnaker restaurant in Sausalito.

Flower of the moment?

Yellow roses.

Favourite ever film?

Is anybody surprised to hear me say A Star Is Born?

Care to share some wisdom?

When you need to buy airplane tickets, buy early.


ConflictResolution.jpg (69609 bytes)

Today is Conflict Resolution Day
so I'm trying to make peace with myself.


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