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20 November 2009

I will probably be on a plane when most of you are reading this entry.  Walt tells me we are leaving the house at 4 a.m. four our 6-something flight.

I'm not looking forward to the flight.  I think we change planes twice and the bulk of the flight will have us both in middle seats.  I don't mind being in a middle seat, if necessary, with Walt on one side, but if I have to sit between two strangers, I am sorely aware that both of them are grumbling to themselves about having to sit next to a big fat lady.  I spend the whole time getting myself into the "smallest" possible body posture I can and am sore and uncomfortable for the whole flight, and want to apologize to both of my seatmates.  If there is a meal to be served, I will probably not take it, because I can't fold the tray table down in front of me and won't have Walt's tray to use.

We arrive in New York around 6:30 p.m., NY time on Friday and will fly out at the crack of dawn on Tuesday morning.

But we couldn't not go.  After a couple of years of playing around the country, everywhere to rave reviews, Steve's husband Jimmy is opening his Zero Hour in New York.

zerohour_poster.jpg (1443441 bytes)

We have seen this show several times and couldn't NOT be there when he finally achieves his dream of performing it in his beloved New York. 

Coincidentally, my friend Lynn (from Houston) is going to be in New York at the same time, so we are meeting her and her friend Kerm at the George M. Cohan statue in Times Square (how more "New York" can you get?) for brunch on Saturday.  Not sure what else we are going to do on Saturday, but we thought we might try to get to Ellis Island, which we've never visited before.

I just bought tickets for Danny and Sylvia, the story of Danny Kaye and his wife Sylvia Fine, for Saturday night.

Zero Hour opens on Sunday and my friend Ron has tickets for it too, and we are looking forward to seeing him and other Last Session friends (like Amy) who will be attending the opening.

Then on Monday we will see the Christmas show at Radio City Music Hall.  I figure it's my only opportunity to be in New York over the holiday time and everybody tells me I need to see this show at least once in my life.

Monday night we move to a motel near the airport so we don't have to worry about traffic for our eary morning flight home on Tuesday.  And then back to the middle seat of the plane for the ride home. 

It will be short, but I have been informed that it's not going to be as cold as I feared, but may be raining.  I can do rain.  Might even be a nice change.

Basically I just want to be there to support Jimmy and, when he wins all the awards for this show, to be able to say "I was there when he got discovered" !!

I'm bringing the laptop and they tell me the hotel has added wifi since were last there, so I hope to keep up with the journal over the weekend, but probably posting at odd times.



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