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18 November 2009

When I woke up this morning, it was nice and warm in the house.  The weather has been so cold this week that I've been closing the sliding glass door in the family room at night when we go to sleep, rather than leaving it open a bit for the puppies to go out through the night.  It was nice not to get up shivering.

DogDoor.jpg (34942 bytes)But then I came into my office and it was like walking into a refrigerator.

The dog door is cut in the wall here.  It has served countless dogs over the past couple of decades, but some time ago, the frame got ripped off by some obstreperous dogs.  This means that the magnet-type strip that keeps the plastic flap closed when not in use has long since ceased to work.

Normally, I don't notice it, but when the temperatures drop into the 30s overnight, when there is a slight breeze, and when the heat vent has never worked in this office, the rest of the house could be in the 80s and I'd still freeze.   For the past few days, I can only really stand to be working in here for about an hour, then I have to go out and run my hands under warm water...or find something extra warm to wrap up in while I'm working.

I had never thought of asking Walt is he could fix the dog door.  I've just lived with it and unless you are actually in this office, you probably don't notice how cold it can get.

This morning I finally asked him if, now that the set he was building was finished, he could either put in a new dog door or find a way to replace the flap that is in there now.  Hopefully as we head into the colder winter temperatures, we can get it fixed and I won't freeze trying to work in here.

I had told Peach I would go to her house today to see about helping her get an Etsy site set up for the Crafty Cuzzins (horrendously complicated for bizarre reasons).  We worked on it for a couple of hours and she fixed lunch for me.  As I left, Bob was in the recliner with their two dogs.

2DogsBob.jpg (45632 bytes)

I commented on how little and puny his dogs were! 

When I got home, the house was very cold because during the day I do leave the back door open for the dogs.  I tried getting some work done in my office, but it was just too bloody cold.

I finally realized that Bob had the right idea for how to beat the cold...only I had a much better solution than he did.

2DogsMe.jpg (53239 bytes)

It's MUCH warmer when you're under 60 lbs of dog!  (Yes, Walt weighed Higgins tonight and he is just about 30 lbs, Freddie isn't all that much lighter--and Dexter is a little over 5 lbs.  Of course you can't get much done this way, but I sure wasn't cold any more!!!



FredTongue.jpg (54545 bytes)

Freddie usually sleeps with his tongue hanging out like this.



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