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11 November 2009

The Krafty Cuzzins have now become the Crafty Cuzzins.  More visually alliterative.

Today was scheduled to be Cousins Day, but Peach's husband slashed his right hand open the other day (he's right handed) while helping them get ready for the craft show and has 12 stitches.  Peach really didn't want to go off and leave him alone.

Instead the three of us got together at Peach's house, where we started working on a web site for The Crafty Cuzzins.  In the wake of the disappointing results of the craft fair, they have lots of inventory to sell and are eager to get into making more and hope to get a following.  I also suggested that they make a video where they could show how to put the baskets together, for those who can't quite visualize it.

KathyBrandon.jpg (37688 bytes)When I first arrived, Kathy's daughter Karen was there with 4 month old Brandon.  I got a little wistful watching Grandma playing with her grandson, realizing that Bri is now a toddler and how distance prevented me from having this kind of playtime with her when she was this age.

They grow up so fast.  It sucks to live so far away. 

We spent a lot of time admiring Brandon, who laughed and chuckled and enjoyed being tossed around.  3-4 months is my very favorite baby age, and I think we missed it entirely in Bri's life because we didn't manage to get down to Santa Barbara.

SuperBrandon.jpg (34662 bytes)

Peach and Bob's two dogs were particularly interested in this strange little alien.

BrandonSophie.jpg (32434 bytes)

Anyway, after Karen and Brandon left, we got to work on the web site and on making a video where Peach and Kathy demonstrate how the baskets go together.   You can see the video on the left there, and the web site is under construction, but the shell of it is visible at http://craftycuzzins.com.   I will be working on adding things to it over the coming week, but take a look and give me feedback.

I'm trying to decide right now if they need PayPal or not, or if people can simply send them an e-mail to order and pay by check, while they are trying to decide if they will have enough business to justify taking it to the next level.

Right now they are just selling the bread baskets (and now they can make matching napkin-shaped baskets too) and acrylic coasters that they made.  Soon they'll be adding this cool little basket that they are in the process of making.

nestingbowl.jpg (46094 bytes)

This is a small bowl, but will be part of a set of (3?) nesting bowls, probably not available before Christmas (but what do I know--I don't even sew buttons!)

Anyway, whether the web site is actually FINISHED or not, the shop is now open and if anybody is interested in buying any of the baskets, as some said they might be, feel free to write to Peach and place an order.  There are lots available for immediate sale! 


KathySophie.jpg (43771 bytes)

Sophie was a real attention hound (literally)



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