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4 November 2009

I have said for years that one of my big disappointments is that I don't dream.  My sleeping habits have been so poor for so long that I know that either I don't get deeply enough asleep to dream, or I don't remember my dreams.   In any event, I have always felt that I was missing out on some fun stuff.

Last night I woke up at 2 a.m.  This wasn't the dogs' fault this time, it was the fault of my bladder.  I fully expected to go right back to sleep, as I did the night before, but I didn't.  The dogs were very cooperative and no problem at all, but I just simply could not go back to sleep.

I tried watching a movie that I knew well, figuring I would doze off, but I didn't.  I finally got up at 5 a.m. and did some stuff on the computer for awhile, but around 5:30 was feeling sleepy, so I decided to try getting a little sleep again.

Walt came downstairs around 6:30 and the noise of the dogs greeting him woke me up, so my dream took place within an hour and it is so crystal clear in my mind (and since I so rarely dream!), I decided to share it.

I was depressed and decided to go for a drive. I was driving a car along a path that got more and more narrow until it finally abruptly disappeared and the car rolled off and into water. The car was immersed and I had two things that I needed to do--I had to get Ned (who somehow was strapped in the back seat) and my purse (with my camera in it) out quickly. I managed to get out of the car and dove down under the water to unstrap Ned and get him out, and I grabbed my purse and tossed it up on a rock nearby (miraculously it was still dry inside). The car and I were stuck in the water when a Chinese guy came down to the edge, very angry with me because apparently the water was in the middle of his restaurant and he kept telling me that I had to get out because I was on private property. I kept trying to explain that I had had an auto accident but he just yelled that he didn't care, I was on his private property and I needed to get out.

I was standing in the water and checked my cell phone and discovered that it still worked, but the SIM card had been erased, so I had lost all the information stored in it, and couldn't call AAA to come and get the car out of the water. The Chinese guy continued to yell at me as customers arrived at the restaurant.

I finally did manage to get hold of AAA, but the call was dropped before I could give them my location.

Somehow I was now inside the restaurant. The Psychiatrist and his wife arrived and I was chatting with them while they were waiting to be seated and telling them about a birthday party that we want his bluegrass group to play for.

I was still trying to get back to AAA when I realized that the nubby rubber cover to my cell phone was broken and so I was also trying to find a new cover for the phone and trying to call the number of the company, which was printed on the rubber cover itself.

Somehow I wandered to the house next door to the restaurant and rang the doorbell. Apparently Jon Voigt lived there. When he didn't answer the door, I wandered in as if we were long time friends and plopped down on the couch and asked if I could use his telephone book to look up the number of AAA.  He started coming on to me, which made me very angry so I got up and left to return to the restaurant.

I went in the back door and through the kitchen and then wandered through the restaurant looking for The Psychiatrist to continue our conversation.  I realized that one room was full of only gay men and the other room was full of heterosexual couples and thought it odd that they divided the restaurant into gay and straight.

I think that was about when I heard Walt coming downstairs. As far as I know the car is still stuck in the water outside the restaurant and the Chinese guy is still angry with me!  And I don't have a clue what happened to Ned.  Or Jon Voigt either, for that matter.

Today is "National Sandwich Day," so I needed a sandwich for my Flickr Project.  Nugget Market has changed their sandwich menu, which made me sad because they no longer have a roast lamb sandwich, but I was able to get a pretty tasty sandwich with roast beef, swiss cheese, onion and tomato on ciabatta bread with creamy horseradish.  Yum!


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Happy National Sandwich Day!



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