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17 May 2009

Lester is in Boston.  After all the planning and work that has gone into getting this dog to her forever home, it was a thrill to get a text message from Phil saying "Boston safe and sound" followed, a bit later, by a photo from Jeri

LesterDad.jpg (52590 bytes)

While things mostly went very smoothly, not entirely!  Around 10 p.m. the night before we were going to the airport, I received a text message from Phil that he had just realized that his plane reservation had been for Friday, not Saturday.  I can only imagine his panic when he realized that. 

Fortunately, he was able to get himself and Lester on a Saturday flight, but it was earlier than the original flight, which meant we had to leave Davis earlier than originally expected.  The only problem with that was that I had returned home from San Francisco late the night before (more on that tomorrow) and so when we left for the airport Saturday morning, I was going on about 3 hours sleep.  Phil offered to drive, but I told him I could do it just fine.

We got to the airport and I walked Lester around in the parking lot while Phil assembled her crate.

LesterAirport.jpg (54598 bytes)

Phil attached food and water bowls.  He had frozen water in her bowl, so she would have water as the flight continued.  Smart guy!

lesterAirport2.jpg (74687 bytes)

Finally the crate was all put together, Lester was put in the cage, and we were on our way to check-in.

LesterCart.jpg (63015 bytes)

While Lester wasn't exactly happy to be in the crate and barked a scared bark occasionally as we moved to the elevator and through the airport itself, she really was pretty good over all, as Phil filled out all the forms with airport personnel. 

LeserPapers.jpg (65464 bytes)

And just like that she was cleared and Phil was told to accompany her down to baggage before he checked himself in.  I gave Lester one last pat through the bars of the cage, I gave Phil a hug and told him to be sure and let me know when they got home and then I returned to the parking lot.

It was about 9 p.m. when I got a text message from Jeri saying "This is a great dog."

Well...of course!



LesterHome.jpg (61015 bytes)

Lester, home at last.



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