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12 May 2009

PUP.jpg (117667 bytes)A few months ago, we changed the rules to 65.  For months we'd been playing that if someone accidentally discarded the wild card, they would be award the "boob" that Kathy bought.

Then we decided that if they discarded the wild card and the the person whose turn it was next didn't notice and so didn't pick it up, the boob would go to that person.  Normally that's not a problem because everybody makes some sort of nyah nyah nyah sound to the person who discarded the wild card.

However, when my mother discarded the 7 to Peach, neither Kathy nor I said anything, Peach didn't notice, took her turn and we insisted that she now was to be awarded the boob.

You can see from her expression what she thought of that idea.  So she decided that she was playing the game under protest and was the holder of the boob under protest.  In fact, on our date for the next Cousins Day is written PUP, which means "Peach Under Protest."

I'm not sure why she's protesting.  Yes, she is now the "proud" possessor of the boob, but she also won almost every game we played so I don't know why shes making such a big deal out of a little thing like being awarded the boob.

But this was a Cousins Day for "interesting" expression!

This picture, for example...

CDWrinkle.jpg (113863 bytes)

...was taken just after my mother had flashed the finger at her injured ankle (and refused to do it for me on camera), because she was so upset that the bandage she has to wear causes a wrinkle under the elastic stocking she has to wear and the Virgo in her doesn't like it and is sick of it!

There were also some choice words uttered about this score

CDScore.jpg (71079 bytes)

The idea of the game is to get the lowest score, of course -- and in keeping with "what happens at Cousins Day stays at Cousins Day," I have blocked out the names ... but you know who you are!!!

And I can't even begin to tell you what my sweet little nearly 90 year old mother said when she got upset with "someone", but it had an F in it.  Her mother would be shocked, but now I know where I got my potty mouth from.

But we had great fun, of course.  A lot of discussion was sparked by this picture

Sunbathe.jpg (189850 bytes)

and the fun things that come with aging.

I had brought ingredients for making a drink that called for mixing Chocolate vodka with crushed fresh strawberries, forgetting completely that Peach is allergic to strawberries, so I rummaged through all the partial bottles of booze we had in the cupboard and came up with something I called a "65 High" (because I was at that moment the high scorer in our game of 65), which was chocolate liqueur, vodka, creme de cocoa, raspberry syrup and tonic in a glass over ice.  It was good, but a little too sweet for me and we changed the recipe the second time around (and I opted out of the second drink completely)

Peach brought veggies and dip for hors d'oeuvres (along with stuffed eggs and stuffed mushrooms, all left over from a party she had been to), and Kathy brought lasagna and her fabulous cheese bread for dinner

CDlasagne.jpg (136001 bytes)

This morning after our second game of 65 (Peach won both.  Smug?   Her?  Of course not...  in a pig's eye...), we gathered up our stuff and paraded out to the car...

CDcar.jpg (137044 bytes)

...and another Cousins Day was history.  Next one?  June 9, right after Peach's birthday and before I leave for Paris.



CDMayToast.jpg (155004 bytes)



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