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3 May 2009

That's what they told me.  The SPCA Walk-a-thon would take place, come rain or come shine.  And it wasn't shine that we had today.   Poor William was shivering by the time we arrived at the spot in the park where things were going on and they had to get a coat for him to wear.  He was not happy.

Walk1.jpg (56161 bytes)

But he soon found people who were willing to help him keep warm.

Walk2.jpg (33377 bytes)

It never rained hard, but just enough to get everybody wet and to bring out the umbrellas.

Walk3.jpg (53275 bytes)

The famous "balloon arch" that always marks the start of the walk was just kind of a "balloon mass" by the time people were lined up to start.

Walk4.jpg (68811 bytes)

Walt came down and brought Lester, but didn't get there in time to make the walk.  However, they were there to meet the woman who fostered the then-Tater and Tot when I went in for my cataract surgery.  She and Lester were thrilled to see each other again, and she said that her parents had adopted Tater (who is now called Sophie).

Walk5.jpg (63055 bytes)

Despite the rain, the day was fun.  There were even contests -- a talent contest, a sort of a doggie "musical chairs," a "get this toy" contest, and, of course, the costume contest.

Walk6.jpg (58545 bytes)

At the end of the day, we only brought Lester home.  William had found his "forever family."

Walk7.jpg (59182 bytes)

It was very cute seeing him with Lester when we took Lester over to let her say goodbye.  Those two have really been a lot of fun together, but I know that William has found a good home and I think he's going to have a very good life.


4316_1108947214573_1553624083_250372_747577_n.jpg (35035 bytes)

Puppies weren't the only cute thing I saw today!


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