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1 May 2009

Everybody is doing it on Facebook.  My friend Georgia (from the Morning Stories project) tagged me for this little Meme. You're supposed to tag other people, but I'll just tag Georgia and if you want to do it yourself, have at it! I won't feel insulted if you don't.

A - Australia. My trip there was the trip of a lifetime. I loved (almost) every minute of it.

B - Bitter.  Apparently (according to another "anonymous" writer), I am a bitter hack who doesn't understand that these good folks are working for free and for the love of theatre.  You know, Anonymous, I wasn't bitter until I started getting attacked by a bunch of whiners who can't handle a negative review.  We could solve this very easily by my just never doing reviews of your theatre any more.  But in honor of the little attack that has been going on, I have renamed my "In My Opinion" blog, "Bitter Hack."

C - Cousins!  I love my cousins, or at least those that participate in Cousins Day ... and some of the other ones too.  Some of my cousins (I have 32) I don't know at all.

D - Dogs, of course. I spend so much time with dogs that I feel like any day now I'm going to start scratching behind my ear with my leg (and won't THAT be a great photo op!)

E - Elephants.  I've decided these are my favorite wild animals.   So intelligent, such a great social structure.  It hurts to see them in zoos or in performing situations because that is not what nature intended.  Everybody go support the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee or the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in in Kenya, which fosters orphaned elephants.

F - Fat.  (Well, duhhh)

G - Gay rights.  I'm in favor of equality for everyone, and that includes gay marriage and granting equal rights to everyone, gay or straight.

H - Hair.  My hair is the only part of my body that I actually like.  I like the salt and pepper color, I like the slightly curly feature, and it's handy that it does what it wants, so I don't need to bother with it.

I - iPod and iTouch.  Love 'em.  One is great for reading books and displaying photos; the other is invaluable for audio books (it has greater storage space than the iTouch).

J - Journaling.  I love keeping this journal, and its mirror blog.  It is what I do for fun, for my artistic fix, and to help improve my writing.

K - Kangaroos.  One of my very favorite thing about Australia were the wild kangaroos.  Now Peggy works with orphaned roos.  Check out the new web site that she just designed for the sanctuary where she volunteers.  (And I thought orphaned puppies were a handful!)

L - Love.  An essential ingredient for a happy life.  Love my family, my friends, and even (sometimes) my life.

M - Mom.  My mother is still my best friend and how fortunate I am that she is still around, at nearly 90, and that she is "with it" and that we have become so close.

N - Naptime.  More and more I am fitting naptime into my day and there is nothing nicer than snuggling down under a nice comforter in the middle of the day and taking a nice nap.

O - Obesity (See "F" above).

P - Peanutbutter.  I'm addicted.

Q - Qi and Qat, two words I use often when playing Scrabble.

R - Reading.  (This was originally going to be B-Books until I became a bitter hack).  I love reading, love books, love book stores.  I have more stuff to read than I could ever finish if I stopped doing everything right now and did nothing but read until I die.  Yet I still keep buying reading material.

S - Sighs.  I seem to sigh a lot--especially lately.

T - Theatre.  Could there be a better entry for "T"? Theatre is what I do for salary, and it's what I do for fun, though I have to admit that it's sometimes more fun than other times.

U - Umbrella.  Something I never use.  I love to be in the rain even, briefly, in a heavy rain.  Fortunately my hair (see "H" above!) doesn't seem to be much bothered by rain.

V - Verbatim.  One thing about interviewing people and then writing articles is that I am pretty good about quoting subjects verbatim.  I don't even like to correct grammatical errors because I think it gives the quotes a more authentic feel.

W - Waffles.  I love 'em, but I've never been able to consistently make waffles in a waffle iron - the batter just sticks to the iron.   Thank goodness for frozen toaster waffles (and restaurants)

X - Xenophobia. I have never understood fear of anybody just based on their nationality.  (Or sexual orientation either, for that matter)

Y - Yahoo.  Where this journal is hosted.

Z - Zebras.  Ever see a flock of Zebras?  Really beautiful to behold.  I gained an appreciation of Zebras through Peggy.  Of course, they can't hold a candle to elephants for me, but I'm always very aware of zebras.


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