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31 March 2009

We talked about my putting the sound of Ned's birthday video for Bri on my digital voice recorder so we could play it for Walt's mother.  But then in going through some new stuff that came across Facebook this morning, I was led back to Greasemonkey, that wonderful set of Firefox scripts for doing all sorts of things.

I didn't even begin to get into the Facebook scripts.  I was immediately stopped by seeing that there was a script to download YouTube videos.

I'd been using a script for a long time to download YouTube videos now and then, but that script had been disabled by YouTube, the site says.  I was thrilled to see that another one existed.  I downloaded that and...voila!  I had Ned's Brianna video on my iPod Touch.  Yippee.

Well, lemme tell ya, I started going crazy, downloading my favorite videos of mine as well as some of the videos I've been posting in "Look at These Videos."  I spent the entire morning downloading videos and transferring them to the iTouch, which does such a great job of showing them.  This is just great because it will allow me to share some things with my mother.  I have no internet connection at her house, so I haven't been able to log into YouTube to show her, so this is a great way to do that.

Walt went off to the hospital this morning while I stayed home downloading videos. The plan was for him to pick me up so that we could go to Tom's at 1 and spend a couple of hours with Bri and her other grandma, like we did two weeks ago.  Then back to the hospital to visit with Walt's mother again.

Bri was somewhat subdued.  Despite all the activity yesterday, she still didn't have the best night, but she had taken a nap in the morning.  The nice thing about having been here several times in the last 3 weeks is that she looks like she recognizes us when we arrive.

We visited with Bri and Grandma Geri for awhile, then went out to the front to see all the new outdoor toys.  Grandpa decided to put Bri's new chair set together for her.

It turned out great and proved to be so strong that it even survived his tripping and almost falling on top of it.

Grandma Geri was very conscientious and followed Bri around with an umbrella when she was in the sun, so no sun got on that still fairly bare head.

(The precautions we know to take for kids these days always makes me wonder how in the world our own children made it to adulthood!)

Bri was getting pretty sleepy, but of course would not go to sleep in her bed, so it was time for a walk and hope that she would fall asleep in the stroller.  Since we were headed to the hospital, this seemed a good time to say our goodbyes. Walt will remain here this week, since his mother's situation is still uncertain, so he will probably see Bri again before he leaves for home.  I, on the other hand, will be leaving early tomorrow morning for the drive home.

Alice is in that world where she's partly in the here and now and partly somewhere else.  She was upset that it took us so long to get to visit her (though Walt had left there at 1 and told her he'd be back at 4...and we got back at 3!)  She is very confused about where she is and keeps asking to go back to her room.  At one point she was a little testy with me when I wouldn't go into the next room and get her robe.  When I reminded her she was in the hospital and that her robe was at home, she asked that we get a wheelchair and take her to her apartment.

At the same time she says that she won't leave the hospital this time and that she isn't doing well.  And then she asks if Walt has made a reservation for them in the dining room.  Jeri talked with her while we were there and she told Jeri that Norm was coming to see her in the morning, though Norm is not planning to come this time.

Yet, I brought the video Ned had made for Bri's birthday.  She can't see it, of course, but she laughed all the way through it and asked if I had any more of Ned's jingles to show her.  I was sorry the other ones I'd downloaded really rely on more on the visual and less on the vocal.

I finally left the hospital around 5 p.m., after about 2 hours.  Walt stayed behind to wait for Alice Nan and will probably be back at the house around 8 p.m.

So my trip to Santa Barbara comes to a close.  Since Walt is staying and thus won't need to make a trip to the hospital first, I will probably get out of town before 10 and should be home fairly early.

Tot has moved in.  It will be interesting to see how it is to live with SEVEN dogs!  (Shhh...don't tell the neighbors!)




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