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16 March 2009

The day could not have been more perfect, starting with the weather, which had been cool, grey and overcast all morning yesterday, but Brianna's christening day was sunny and warm--but not too warm.

We all drove up to Solvang, about 35 miles from here.  It's a famous Dutch village, very popular with tourists.  Laurel grew up here and Bethania Lutheran church where the christening was to take place is the same one where Laurel was christened (and possibly her mother too, but I'm not sure about that).  Ironically, the church is at the intersection of Atterdag Rd. and Laurel Ave.

We met Laurel and Bri in the parking lot and the baby looked just adorable.

It was reported that she actually had a good night's sleep last night and we were hopeful that she would handle the christening all right.

Lemme share with you my thoughts on the rift in the universe.  You know how when you have, shall we say?...difficult children?  You tell them that you hope that when they grow up they'll have children of their own so that they'll understand the hell they put you through.

But then something happens and the universe shifts.  In the scope of things, God intended for Bri to be Paul's child.  Paul who never slept and who cried for most of his life.  Instead, with Paul gone, she went to Tom, who was pretty much the ideal baby.  Tom, who slept and was such a cheery baby.  I have apologized to him for the fact that he had to get Paul's baby and experience the hell that Paul put us through.

The accuracy of my feeling was definitely proven during the ceremony.  Bri had an audience and she loved it.  When all the family was called to the altar during the services for the actual baptism, she looked out over the congregation, realized on some level that she had an audience and she performed.  She smiled.  She was overly adorable.  Not a whimper out of her.  No doubt about it--this was a Sykes baby!

After the services, we took pictures of Bri with Tutu in front of the altar before leaving the church.  Tutu did GREAT all day.  We weren't sure she'd feel up to even coming, and planned to take her back home after the christening, but she made it to the reception and wasn't even the first to leave.

Pastor Jarmo Tarkki talked with Bri on the way out of the church (I told Walt that he reminded me of radio host Karel Bouley...I don't know why.  Tarkki's not gay and he's from Finland, but I'm weird...)

There was a reception at Laurel's aunt & uncle's house (my second time there--Laurel's baby shower was held there a little over a year ago).  The house is on the outskirts of Solvang in the Santa Ynez valley -- horse country -- which is so gorgeous right now, after all the rains and in the beautiful sunlight.

Bri took a nap while we all ate lunch, and when she woke up, she was still sleepy, and didn't really want to be held by anybody but her parents, but she didn't cry at all.

There were formal photos (sort of) taken to show off her beautiful dress.

But she finally just got tired of all the paparazzi and wished Daddy would stop being so silly.

On the drive home, we stopped and took pictures of some gorgeous wildflowers.

All things considered it was an absolutely fantastic day.  Now let's hope her first birthday in 2 weeks goes as well!



"Finally--it's almost over and I can play again!"



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