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15 March 2009

"She had a bad night last night," Tom said, apologizing that Bri was tired and would probably be cranky.  He was right.

She wanted no part of these strange people in her house.  But she did eventually discover that Grandpa's beard was interesting enough that it overcame her fear of strangers.

(I love this picture!)

We are here in Santa Barbara because Bri is being christened tomorrow and we can't miss that!  There are all sorts of preparations going on at her house today, so we didn't stay long, but we did get to babysit for 10 minutes.  Laurel had been delayed and Tom had to leave for his golf game.  Bri was asleep, so it seemed safe to leave her with Walt, me and Walt's brother.  We were very quiet and she didn't even know Daddy was gone.

When we left Tom & Laurel's, we drove down to Stearn's Wharf.  A whale, who has been nicknamed "Paycheck" has been living in the harbor for the past week or so and has become quite the attraction.  Lots of people had lined up on the wharf looking for the whale, and we joined them to watch, for about 30 minutes.

Walt thought he saw a small water spout, and someone else spotted his back for a few seconds, but I think it's fair to say there was no real "sighting" for us today.

When we left there, Alice Nan went to get her nails done while Walt and I had lunch.  Then I dropped him at his mother's and I went off on some errands, meeting him back at Maravilla around 3:30.  We had planned to meet Tom, Norm and Tom's friend Steve as they were finishing their golf game.

When the game ended, Walt, Norm, Alice Nan and I picked up Joe (Alice Nan's husband) and we all went to a Vietnamese restaurant for dinner.  I loved the name of the place.

Kind of the Vietnamese equivalent of In and Out Burger, I guess...but much more elaborate.  The menus came with photos of each dish.

(The food was good too!)

We stopped back at Maravilla after dinner for one last visit with Walt's mother and make plans for getting her to the christening in Solvang (an hour away) tomorrow (many tanks of oxygen and a wheelchair are involved!).  Now off to sleep so we can get on the road by 8:30 in the morning!


Norm having a chat with their mother.



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