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5 March 2009

OK.  I lied.  I said that I wouldn't have three puppy entries in a row.  But technically speaking this isn't a puppy entry...it's a baby with puppy entry.

The highlight of today was Jack's visit.

Jack.jpg (27618 bytes)

Jack is the son of our friend Jessica and is a couple of weeks older than Brianna, so he's always a good indicator of where she is in her development.   Jessica had asked if she could bring him by to meet the puppies and, really, what is cuter than babies and puppies!

JackTater.jpg (44662 bytes)

Jack had brought a ball for the puppies, as a gift, but there seemed to be some misunderstanding as to who was supposed to keep control of the ball.  Much shrieking ensued, but they all played together nicely otherwise.

It was a little overwhelming to have FOUR dogs sniffing Jack, so I put Lizzie and Sheila outside.

JackLizzie.jpg (37788 bytes)

Lizzie, of course, put on a good show for the entire time Jack was here, leaping high in the air (which Jack thought was the funniest thing ever).  Of course after watching this for awhile, Tater decided that she should try it as well.

SheLizTat.jpg (36905 bytes)

I think Jessica liked the puppies more than Jack, who seemed more interested in a container of baby powder he found.

JackPowder.jpg (39327 bytes)

Jessica and I decided that one of these puppies would be the perfect dog for Jeri and Phil, who have been looking for a dog for over a year now.   We started sending both Jeri and Phil pix and video on their cell phones.   We even promised Walt would fly back to Boston with the puppy.  Phil was intrigued, but it's looking more like they've decided to go with an older dog, perhaps one not quite so big (though originally they were looking for a bigger dog).

The puppies have started using the treadmill as a jungle gym and Jack also thought it was just great to climb all over it and have the puppies follow him.

JackTradmill2.jpg (43638 bytes)

JackTreadmill.jpg (50997 bytes)

It was really fun having Jack in the house and fun watching him with the puppies.  They will all grow up all too quickly!


JackJessica.jpg (56969 bytes)



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