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4 March 2009

Lizzie is the most jealous dog.  You can't do anything with anybody or anything that Lizzie doesn't want to be a part of it.  When we have our morning "love in," she's very coy about it, but she definitely noses Sheila out of the way so she can get the most love.  If Walt comes to talk to me, she has to get between us.  If puppies are in my lap, she very gently jumps up and then settles herself on top of them, much like a mother hen, but pushing them to the side so she can be the one in the middle.

With puppies and older foster dogs, she's funny.  She seems to enjoy playing, when she wants to, but she's also extremely territorial.

There was a time when she was very motherly with puppies, as this picture with the Rainbow puppies, 2 years ago, shows.

LizRainbow.jpg (44677 bytes)

But we've probably had too much for her and the novelty has worn off.

Yesterday the puppies were in the family room and Lizzie ran into the living room to get a squeak toy that I don't think she's played with in weeks.  She brought it into the family room, plopped herself down on the dog bed and began to squeak it furiously, as if daring the puppies to try to take it away from her.

LizToy.jpg (36073 bytes)

If they even looked in her direction, she growled at them.  Then she actually rolled around on the toy on her back, making it squeak and again, daring the puppies to try and take it away from her.

LizBack.jpg (40477 bytes)

But Tater proved that if you wait long enough, it's finally your turn!

TaterToy.jpg (46606 bytes)

The puppies seem to have settled back in here very well and they remember (perhaps) how they enjoyed sleeping on my lap.  It's just a bit more awkward since they've gained more than 10 lbs in their absence!!!

MeBed.jpg (40042 bytes)


TTsleeping.jpg (66223 bytes)

They sleep at my feet when I'm working



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