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26 July 2009

There's nothing that make you feel older than going to a retirement party for somone younger than yourself and looking at all the people you've known for 40 years and seeing how they have aged!

CKD.jpg (51470 bytes)Today was time for the retirement party for Charles, who has worked in the same office as Walt for more than thirty years.  He was the guy who was the MC for Walt's retirement party two years ago.  They never worked on the same projects because they were in different sections, but they have been friends for all this time.

One office tradition that I always loved was lunch.  Nearly 45 years ago, the wife of Walt's then boss (and still good friend), Dave and I decided that we wanted a break from having to pack our husband's lunches every day, so we demanded a day off and the guys started going out to lunch one day a week (I remember that it was Tuesday, but it's Wednesday now).  The tradition continues to this day, though Dave has long since moved away.

CKDChris.jpg (46134 bytes)When we moved here to Davis, David was in school with Charles' oldest son, Chris and we didn't know what was going on, but eventually we learned that though Chris and Dave had different friends and traveled in different circles, every Wednesday they would eat their lunches together, because that's what their dads were doing.

Our kids will also be amused to know that at the retirement, Charles' youngest son, Mike, talked about how he always tried to find out what his Dad did for a living and how he could never figure out.  He just knew that Charles was an engineer, and decided he must drive a train.

Events like this are always fraught with "moments."   We sat down at a table in the senior center with the couple we usually sit with at these events and she looked around with a smile and said "the last time we were in here was for our son's wedding."  I resisted saying "the last time I was here was at our son's funeral!"

This guy gave a funny roast for Charles

CKDTom.jpg (68616 bytes)

Grey-haired old guy getting ready to retire from his second job.   When he first went to work with Walt, it was in Berkeley, so pre-1973, and he was a young kid just barely out of college and with his first serious girlfriend (I think he eventually married and ultimately divorced her).

I wasn't there for the whole event because I had to run out to Petco to pick up Tasha and take her home, but I was back before it ended.

After the event, we gravitated toward a couple whose 40-something year old son had died in an accident earlier this year.  We understood each other and we spoke with the familiarity that only comes to those who are members of this terrible club.  But it was good.  They've gone through most of their "firsts" without their son and we nodded sympathetically.  It hate it, but in a weird way it was sort of good.

SPECIAL LAWSUIT ALERT:  Ned has been posting old Lawsuit videos (because, of course, there are no new Lawsuit videos!) on the "Lawsuit Music Channel" on You Tube.  If you were a fan and are missing Lawsuit in your life, or if you just wonder what the magic was all about, by all means check it out!


CKDVid.jpg (83211 bytes)

When I got back from picking up Tasha, everyone was watching a slide show



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