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10 July 2009

While my temperature is lower today, hovering in the mid 100s, and while I'm feeling better, I still haven't done much but sleep all day.  So I thought I'd cop out and print a meme that I meant to post after our last Cousins Day...but we had to postpone Cousins Day so it never got posted.

This one came from Fickle in Pink, who has a few interesting and different memes on her site.

1. Why the heck did you come back this week to do this meme?
I like doing memes.  I don't have a clue whether people enjoy reading them or not, but I think they're fun to answer...also, when I'm stuck for an entry for the current day, a meme is a cheap way to get an entry done!

2. Ever whiten your teeth?
No.  Cindy (my dentist) feels that it's not good for your teeth and says that the yellowing that comes with aging adds character to a person. 

teeth2.jpg (86634 bytes)
Whaddya think?  Full of character?

3. Do you drive the speed limit?
Pretty much always, unless I'm on a road where the flow is faster and I'm not watching the spedometer.  I can get up to 90 on I-5 without realizing it, and can drive 50 on I-80 without realizing it (maybe I should pay closer attention to the spedometer!)

4. Did the dog eat your homework?
No. But I did have to explain to a clerk at the medical lab that the dog had eaten the orders for my blood test! (I had the half-eaten orders in my hand to prove it.   The clerk didn't even crack a smile,  When I asked her how often she heard that story, she said I would be surprised at how often!)

5. How many bites does it take to get to the center of a watermelon?
None.  I cut the melon up and eat the center first!

6. Did you eat paint chips as a child?
I don't believe so, but I obsessively used a bobbie pin to chip bits of rock off the outside of the church that backed up on our school's playground.  (I didn't eat them, however.)

7. If someone rang your doorbell/knocked on your door at 1 a.m., would you answer it?
No--I'd make Walt do it! 

8. "Amazingly Smooth" makes you think of what?
Satin or a baby's skin.

9. What was the last stupid thing someone said to you?
"Wow Bev, did you forget this is a community theater with actors working FOR FREE and the love of theater? Your review just makes you sound like a bitter hack."

10. Would you eat a stick of butter for $100?
Definitely.  (Can I have bread to put it on?)

chipparoo.jpg (78112 bytes)11. Find the nearest fabric tab, not counting the clothing you are wearing. What does it say the object is made of and where was it made?
The nearest thing with a fabric tab on it is a stuffed Kangaroo that Chippa (Peggy's dog) gave me before I left Australia and it says "100% Australia owned. All new material.  Made in China."

 12. What is the strangest name you've ever heard someone name their child (or a person you met... however you want to answer it)?
Oh that's VERY easy.  Our kids were in nursery school with the Seed Family and their three children:  Huckleberry, Caraway, and Sesame.

13. Why is some toilet paper really soft and others are really hard?
Because some people are masochists and some are hedonists?  Actually, I think it's because the toilet paper that's good for the environment is rough on your tush and all that double-ply, super soft tissue is causing global warming.  Or something like that.

14. How many of your friendships have lasted more than ten years?
Everybody in the Pinata group, many from the Compuserve groups, several from the Lamplighters years, and even Peggy and Steve are coming in on 10 years.  I am blessed at having so many long-term friends in my life.  (I wish more of them lived closer!)

15. Which of your current friends do you feel will still be important to you ten years from now?

All of them, of course.

16. It's Friday evening and you're planning your weekend. What's on your agenda?

Well, actually it's NOT Friday evening; it's Wednesday, but I am reviewing a show on Friday night and we are going to brunch at Ned's on Sunday.

17. What was the most recent movie to scare you or give you the creeps?

I don't usually watch that kind of movie, so I can't even remember.

18. The new cast and movie of Star Trek are out. Excited or indifferent?

Somewhere in between.  Not exactly "excited" but much more than "indifferent."  I hope I get to see it in the theatre (though I think I'm too late for that now)

19. Do you have any nervous habits?

I bounce my legs up and down.

20. Do you swear in general?
Hell no.  What a damn stupid question.



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Our whole group before some of them left to go to Spain



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