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26 January 2009

We went to see Theresa Rebeck's play, "The Scene" on Friday night.  It's a fast-paced, hard-biting comedy that will sometimes leave you breathless with the pace of it.  Tony Shaloub was in the original production and after all these years of watching Monk, it's sure hard to picture Shaloub as this drunken, sex-crazed, disillusioned actor.

The show was held at the Capital Stage, which is a theatre on the riverboat, The Delta King, which floats on the river along Old Sacramento.  A fun place to visit. 

It had been raining and the streets were wet.  Walt pulled into the parking lot and let me out to start walking to the theatre.  I started down the gangplank to the boat and looked off to my left, where the J Street Bridge was all lit up.

TowerBridge.jpg (47236 bytes)

I felt like I was seeing it...really seeing it...for the first time.

Today we went back to Sacramento for a matinee of a play called "Gem of the Ocean" by August Wilson (intense, but excellent play) and coming home there was the most beautiful sunset.  I felt like I was seeing a sunset for the first time.

"Toto, I've a feeling we aren't in Kansas any more" !!

I'm sure I'm sounding like a broken record about all this eye stuff, but it's like seeing the world for the first time in a very long time.  We sat down at the dinner table the other night and I commented to Walt that I had been about to point out that even the table area was much brighter, but that I'd laughed to myself as I realized that he'd replaced one of the bulbs in the chandalier that had burned out.   He looked confused and then said "Yes, but I did that three weeks ago."

So it wasn't my imagination.  The room is brighter.  I'm enjoying this so much that I've already started to fear losing it.   If I ever need a reminder of what things were like a week ago, all I need to do is to close my now-good eye and look out of the other one to see how dull the colors are, how it looks to have part of my vision blocked by a cataract.

I see the doctor tomorrow for my final post-op and one of the questions I will be asking him is what are the chances of a cataract developing again.   I don't know how many years I'd been incubating this thing, but I know it was diagnosed at least 10 years ago.  It was only within the past year that it started making it difficult for me to function normally.

But for how many years had it put me in this muted world where I could see, but not truly appreciate the colors around me?  I look at the photos that I post now and realize that I never really saw them before.  I may still not have much depth perception but I sure can tell the difference between disappointing photos and the same photo as I look at it now.

So I am going through my days now, just "lookin' at stuff" literally with new eyes...or eye...and appreciating the beauty that I always appreciated before but now have an entirely new perspective on.

Life is good.

Tonight's Vignette:  I cooked a turkey breast last night, so we had leftovers for dinner tonight.  My stomach was feeling a little unsettled, so I opted not to have dinner, but I dished Walt a big plate of turkey, stuffing and vegetables.  He sat down and then remembered that we had some leftover cranberry sauce in the fridge, so he got up to look for it (actually, I had eaten it last night).   When he got back to the table, all of his turkey was gone.  Lizzie had stolen it.  Damn dog.


n1553624083_124316_7196.jpg (66709 bytes)

(I loved this picture of Daddy and Brianna digging in the sand)



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