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20 January 2009

I knew there was a reason I kept that girl around. 

Peggy called this afternoon, to wish me well on tomorrow's surgery and to offer suggestions for how to fix my computer.  The last time this happened, I was very proud of myself for running a diagnostic which apparently fixed the problem because it started right away afterwards.

This time, I ran the diagnostic and thought I'd fixed the problem when the computer started up again, but it started up only to the wallpaper on my desktop.  It didn't start Windows and thus I could not get to any programs (or even turn the thing off without hitting the off button.

Well, Peggy asked if I'd started in "safe mode," which I had not thought of.  She told me how to do it, I did, then, following her suggestion, reset things back to a December date when it had worked right.  It reset things, then started back up again and voila!  I was back in business.  It's not necessarily convenient having a tech consultant who lives 9,000 miles away.  I'd rather she made house calls, all things considered, but this is the next best thing.

So.  Each time I crash, I learn something new.  Each time I crash I remember the one vital thing that I need that I forgot to store on my external hard drive.  So I've now moved THOSE things over.   Enough crashes and I won't panic whenever things go sour.

I worked all day on the laptop and it was brutal.  Well, I actually didn't work all day on the laptop.  I was trying to write a review and the screen was so bright I could hardly see it, so I kept taking half hour breaks.  But it did finally get written, so I'm good to go have my eye cut open now.

Thank you, Peggy.  You are a gem.

davesm.jpg (159111 bytes)I love this photo.  It's so "Dave." 

The thing about social networking is it's so darn fun.  I've all but given up on Twitter.  Twitter is peopled more by tech geeks and is designed more for people on the go to arrange to meet other people, to report on meet-ups with other people, to talk about tech stuff.  I follow lots of people there and lots of people follow me, but I don't feel that I really know anybody there (other than people I know in real life)

Facebook is more social.  With more and more of my real-life friends joining Facebook (18 of our Pinata group are on it, for example, along with some of the spouses of the kids; 28 of the one of the groups I used to belong to on CompuServe, 7 from another group I was very active in, etc., etc.)

One of the nicest thing about Facebook is the people who find each other.  I had a note from a girl --well, woman now, I guess-- who was a foreign exchange student in Davis when Dave was in his Senior year in high school.   She just posted a bunch of photos from  her time here, including a few of David.  She managed to find me and sent me a link to her photos--that's how I found this photo.

BriMLK.jpg (30810 bytes)

Laurel also posts picturers of Brianna on Facebook, like this new one of Bri and Daddy enjoying the beach on Martin Luther King day.

I love Facebook.

We are presently puppy-less.  Ashley came and picked all three puppies up.  Tater and Tot went off to a home in Elk Grove, south of Sacramento; Nicki went to Ashley's.  We'll evaluate in a week and see when/if they are going to come back.  Two people have contacted Ashley about Nicki and one of them sounds really good, so I'm hopeful again.  I have to admit that being able to shut the back door to keep out cold and mosquitos, having no puddles or poop to pick up, and not having Nicki's shrill bark alerting me to her every demand has made for a lovely, relaxing evening.

So.  This is the last entry before The Day.  There will be no entry for tomorrow, but Walt will put an entry into the guestbook for this entry after we get home from surgery to let you know how it all went.  I'm going to spend the afternoon, after we get home, watching the DVR of the inauguration.  All you guys cheer for me at the moment when power changes from Bush's hands to Obama's.   I'll be with you in spirit.


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