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18 January 2009

Rejoice with me for I have found the cell phone that I had lost.

Well...lost isn't exactly accurate, but "the cell phone that I left at my mother's" doesn't exactly jibe with the Bible verse. 

Yes, the cell phone is back.  Feel free to call again, all you hoards of person that call me regularly. ("hoards of person" is not a typo, it's a joke). 

We spent a quiet morning here, cleaning recorded stuff off the DVR in preparation for recording all of the inauguration while I'm at Kaiser so I can squint at it with my bad eye when I get home after surgery on Tuesday.  Around about noon, we packed the pups into the carrying cage and headed off to my mother's.

There it was--my cell phone--right where I'd left it.  I was back in business.  I sent notes to Jeri, Ned and Tom, letting them know I had my phone again.  Jeri immediately sent me the photo she'd been wanting to send for the past couple of days.

BostonTemps.jpg (24300 bytes)
Brrrr!!! -- and she LIKES living there!

Ned sent me this picture of his friend Michael

Gerrell.jpg (118703 bytes)

Later, on the ride home, I was able to send them a picture when we stopped for dinner.

InandOut.jpg (80652 bytes)

And just think.  Sharing information like this was impossible for four whole days!  How did we ever survive?

We had a nice visit with my mother and I finally remembered to take her the Christmas presents from Brianna that Tom gave me in December.  Great pictures of Bri, Tom and Laurel.

The puppies were well behaved.  Tater, my little shadow, followed me all over the place.  Tot, who seems more needy, but who is really more independent, found herself a nice quiet spot to go back to sleep after the nap she was having in the dog carrier was so rudely interrupted.

We stopped at Staples on the way home so I could buy jewel cases.   I had reached a point where I was in danger of filling up my 125 gig hard drive.   I was down to only 378 MB, so I've been deleting files and burning disks like crazy.  I quickly ran out of jewel cases to put all the CDs in (and will soon run out of CDs).  But at least I'm back up to 8 gigabytes again.  Naturally, we couldn't just run in and out of Staples, so we both wandered around a bit.  Walt just (finally!) bought himself a new computer this week and is looking at Vista-compatable software.  I was drooling over a 1 terabyte external hard drive.  But we managed to leave with only the jewel cases I came in for (and another box of CD jewel case inserts).

We ended the night with dinner at In'n'Out Burger.  Are we the last of the big time spenders or what?  I remember when I first heard of In'n'Out Burger.  Someone waxed poetic about how it was the very best fast food joint in the world and that they had the most fantastic fries ever.  Well, I have to admit that it has never grown on me.  I like my burgers unadulterated and when I suggested we eat there, I forgot that In'n'Out burgers come with sauce and tomato and lettuce.  As for the fries--well, I guess I just like more grease.  Like the burgers, they were OK, but for junk food, I prefer Jack in the Box.

But you can't beat the price!

So the day ends quietly.  The children are nestled all snug in their beds with visions of doggie treats dancing in their heads.  May they sleep all night again (but that may be too much to hope for).

By the way, for those in D.C. on Monday, be sure to stop by Dupont Circle, where there is going to be a big "saging" ceremony to rid the city of the bad Bush vibes.  I wish I were going to be there myself!


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