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13 January 2009

TBear.jpg (34664 bytes)I've never taken a teddy bear to Cousins' Day before, but this time was different...the puppies were coming with me.

It took longer to pack up the car, with playpen, puppy food, dog carrier and human food for dinner.  The puppies were great on the way down and arrived at the time when is their hungriest, so I went to fix their lunch--and discovered that for all of my careful planning, I'd left the formula at home.  I mixed up something with skim milk, but Tater didn't look right.  They ate a bit and went to sleep, but again, Tater didn't look right.

I sent a text message off to Ashley asking if skim milk would be OK to give them.  She said it would be bad for their digestion and that I should just mix the food with water, which I did the rest of the time.  They weren't as happy about it as they have been with food mixed with formula, but they did eventually get to where they scarfed down their meals just fine. 

They were just so great.  They would wake up and cry and cry and cry.  I take them outside, they do their business and then I bring them back in again.  How I wish they'd talk to Nicki!  They mostly slept in the playpen the whole time, coming out for brief spurts to get cuddled by one or the other of us.  At night they woke up once, at 2:30.  I took them outside, they peed and pooped.  I fixed them some food to put in the playpen, they ate, fussed for about 10 minutes and went back to sleep and didn't wake up until after I did--and I slept until 7:30!

When we got home, I mixed up their food again, this time with formula and they dove into that thing and polished it all off, happy to have the taste of formula again.

As for me, this was not a profitable Cousins Day.  Again.   By last night this was the difference between my bag of money and Peach's.

65Money.jpg (49230 bytes)

I must explain that "65" is not exactly a game of skill.   Oh there is a little skill involved, but mostly it's the luck of the draw.   You either get the cards or you don't.  Sometimes there is a bit of skill involved in decisions you make, but mostly if you don't get the cards, all the skill in the world isn't going to help you win. 

I am very unlucky at any form of gambling.  And I can tell from the first hand of the day whether I"m going to be lucky.  I knew instantly this was not my day.

This was the third Cousins Day that I've not had the cards.  I also was very sleep deprived.  The night before I'd been up until 11 watching the Golden Globes, then I sat up another 2 hours watching 24, then I couldn't get to sleep for about an hour.  The puppies woke up at 3 and that was half an hour getting them fed and settled back down again.  Finally I woke up at 6 a.m.  So I felt like a zombie leaving the house and then losing game after game was very depressing.   I finally got down to where this was what I had in my stash:

65Money2.jpg (45117 bytes)

To play a game, you need a 50 cent ante and then 65 cents.   Obviously if I lost the current hand, I had no money to play the next one (though I'd brought extra money).  But I did win that hand, so I have started building my stash back up again. 

But that doesn't mean that Peach and Kathy don't cheat.   Harumph.

Peach made butterscotch martinis, which were great and Kathy made a kind of basil/mozarella bruschetta for hors d'oeuvres

JanuaryToast.jpg (43891 bytes)

It was my turn to make dinner and I did a great plum chicken, which was so good I'm making it for dinner for Walt tonight (since I have plum jam left over).

plumchicken.jpg (50124 bytes)

Another Cousins Day is over and we had a great time.  The puppies are glad to be home.  Nicki is still here (and the family interested in her hasn't called back) and life continues. 

The bad part is that I left my cell phone in San Rafael, so if anybody wants to call me, you'll have to call the house phone.


CousinsDayPups.jpg (52824 bytes)

At my mother's this morning


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