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23 February 2009

It's the Big Game (go Bears!),  the SuperBowl (go Niners!), the World Cup (go Australia!).  For those of us who are athletically challenged, who grew up with Photoplay and and Modern Screen and read the pink section of the San Francisco Chronicle instead of the Sporting Green, this is the Big Night.   I've watched the playoffs -- the Golden Globes, the Screen Actors Guild Awards and the People's Choice Awards, but this is the Big Kahuna.  The Capo di tutti capi.

Some folks have Academy Awards parties like other people have Superbowl parties.  I don't know what you eat at an Academy Award party.  But I'm not having a party.  I'm just settling in with my laptop and blogging my thoughts as the show progresses.  Kind of an after-the-fact party with anybody who enjoys awards shows and reads this journal.  Here we go...

We were at a concert, so I missed all the red carpet stuff (probably just as well, especially if it was raining there like it is here). I got home exactly 2 minutes before the main broadcast started.

It wasn't an outstanding opening number, but for a low budget production, it was quite nice. Perfect for Hugh Jackman.

Clever having five supporting actresses to introduce the winner. I loved Whoopie Goldberg's comments about how difficult it is to be a nun. Penelope Cruz seems very sweet and very sincere. Haven't seen Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

Teaming Steve Martin and Tina Fey (how can anyone be that thin?) to introduce best screenplay was inspired. Two very funny people. Funny bit. Yay! First award for Milk! Let's hope this is a good omen. Speech by Dustin Lance Black (the screenwriter) moved me to tears. How wonderful was his speech:  "If Harvey had not been taken from us 30 years ago, I think he would want me to say to all the gay and lesbian kids out there tonight who have been told they are less than by the churches, by the government, by their families, that you are beautiful, wonderful creatures of value, and that no matter what anyone tells you, God does love you and that very soon, I promise you, you will have equal rights, federally, across this great nation of ours."

Also adapted script award for Slumdog Millionaire...the race is on.

Fun 2008 animation. I remember when I saw one of the very first computer animated cartoons with Gilbert in about 1985. We agreed it was awesome, but that it would take a long time before it would become practical to make a full length feature cartoon. How I wish Gilbert were here now to see how far we've come! (I have GOT to see Wall-E!)

Japanese animator's "thank you" speech was very cute.

SaraJ.jpg (27624 bytes)Sarah Jessica Parker is going to lose the top of her dress any. minute. now. Either that or there's an awful lot of superglue packed into that bodice! That can't possibly be comfortable.

These art direction awards always make me want to rush out to the theatre as soon as the awards show is over, especially for the period pictures.

They don't seem to be cutting off speeches early as in previous years, which makes me happy. Some of these guys, especially the behind the scenes guys, only have this one minute in the sun and how nice to let them have it.  Everybody should have the chance to thank his or her Mom.

I liked the "Romance in 2008" film, especially since they included everything from heterosexual romance to gay romance to robot romance...and they were all pretty much the same!

(If our router were connected, I'd be sitting here adding films to my Netflix queue, but I am not getting a wifi signal with the laptop in my lap)

How nice that Natalie Portman is wearing something OTHER than white (but she could have used a little of that extra boob tissue that Sarah Jessica Parker was spilling out of her dress!). I guess Ben Stiller is doing an impersonation of...who was it?...who was on Letterman the other night.

I should know who the silly guys are on the couch watching the videos in the 2008 comedy film, but I don't. Bad me. I don't even recognize their names except Seth Rogan (and I don't know which one he is).

jessica.jpg (11379 bytes)Finally! Jessica Beal is representing the "my gawd where did she get THAT?" dress. Looks like someone took a gigantic ribbon and started to wrap her up and never quite finished.

(Char just called to let us know we have to watch Amazing Race because her son called from Maryland to tell her that they throw pies at each other. [now why would Tim think to tell his mother that?  heh heh]  Fortunately I have it set for the DVR)

I'm lovin' the salute to musicals, created by Baz Lurman, even if I'm not recognizing any of the performers except Jackman. But then I'm a movie musical kinda person. And of course they ended with "Over the Rainbow," which always makes me happy

What an interesting assortment of Supporting Actor presenters. Joel Grey seems so old. I guess he really is. It's been a long time since Cabaret.

I guess I was really hoping Heath Ledger wouldn't get the Oscar (just because it would be nice to give it to someone sitting in the hall--but then I didn't see his performance), but it seemed inevitable; he's won all the other awards. Very touching to have his family accept the Oscar for him. OK--I'm crying again.

(Walt has fallen asleep and is gently snoring in the next chair)

I wonder where you go to see documentaries. Not Davis, for sure. I've never heard of any of these films--except the winner which, by coincidence, had been featured on The Today Show this morning.

OK. The 2008 action retrospective doesn't do much for me. It's like those previews that we sit through in the theatre and say "We can miss that one..." I'm not really an action junkie.

Gee...Benjamin Button seems to be winning all the technical awards so far.

I just love watching Danny Boyle every time Slumdog Millionaire wins an award. After all these awards he still can't believe that his film can win, it seems. The two kids (Dev Patel and Freida Pinto) are also like...well...KIDS, bouncing up and down, with huge smiles on their faces. Such a great triumph for a "little" film!)

Funny commercial with Jimmy Kimmel and Tom Cruise.

Jerry Lewis gets the Humanitarian award. Such conflicted feelings about Jerry Lewis. I was never a fan and I know he has raised lots of money for kids with muscular dystrophy but there are an awful lot of times when he seems to be exploiting the kids...don't get me started.... I don't know enough about it. Just let's say I'm not a fan. But he made a heartfelt acceptance and looked like it was physically difficult for him.

(since I can't connect to the internet while on the laptop, I have played dozens of games of FreeCell!)

Defiance. Damn. There's another one to add to my Netflix queue.

Every time someone introduces Zach Effron I think they're talking about Zack Braff (the guy from Scrubs)

Loved the Bollywood choreography for the...uh...nominated SONG? Probably not playing on Jack-FM locally (though I DO have the DVD of the music) How cool the way "Jai Ho" from Slumdog and the song from Wall-E worked together contrapuntally.

Queen Latifa...bad...bad dress. Looks like a Mrs. American reject. And the memorial for all the guys who died this year, usually very moving, was annoying because instead of showing the faces full screen, they kept including Latifa in the picture. It was nice having lots of pictures of the departed at the same time, but that didn't really work for the home audience.

Reese Witherspoon and Queen Latifa had the same dress designer who looks like she made both dresses from the same bolt(s) of material. Witherspoon is too beautiful a woman to look so bad in a dress.

Well, there goes the Milk ballgame. With Danny Boyle winning best director, that's a sure sign that Slumdog will be best picture. I do love how unkempt he looks--regular suit, no tuxedo; shirt unbuttoned, tie loosened, hair (what there is of it) mussed up. Great.  He looks like I looked after the concert tonight, with all those long-time friends all dolled up and me in my Scott Family reunion t-shirt.  I go to theatre too much to remember to ever "dress up."  For me it's like going to work.

I really like this 5 people presentation thingy, with each past winer giving a special message to one particular nominee, though I fail to see what the theme from Gone with the Wind has to do with the best actress nominations this year!

Halle Berry is a glamorous woman, who was sabotaged by her hairdresser. And Sophia Loren is soon going to outdo Joan Rivers for plastic surgery taken too far. Nicole Kidman is monochromatic, with dress, complexion and hair all blending together, but it doesn't look bad on her, especially against that red, red lipstick.

Best actress: Kate Winslet. No surprise. So I'm assuming that I won't be seeing Sean Penn climb the stage for best actor award next. So far the Oscars are mirroring all the other other awards. But what the heck...I'm a sucker for an emotional speech. Winslet has me crying.

Could there be a more perfect a person to honor Sean Penn than Robert DiNiro? And what the heck is The Visitor (or Richard Jenkins either, for that matter)? Anthony Hopkins is also perfect to honor Brad Pitt--I remember their work together in Meet Joe Black.

Sean.jpg (10026 bytes)Yes!!!! Sean Penn won!!!! The gay vote won out over the redeemed actor vote. The screenwriter is crying and so am I. Penn does not disappoint in taking the opportunity to speak out for equal rights and against the messages of hatred that were apparently in front of the theatre tonight. "For those who saw the signs of hatred as our cars drove in tonight, I think it's a good time for those who voted for the ban against gay marriage to sit and reflect on their great shame and their shame in their grandchildren's eyes if they continue that support," Penn said. "We've got to have equal rights for everyone."

OK...Slumdog can win now. I'm happy that Milk got sufficient recognition.

Brilliant editing of the film clips for the best picture, mixing them with clips from past movies. And yes, Slumdog wins. That's OK. I loved the film. The little kid is upstaging everyone, as he did in the movie. Great face!

I don't know what critics will say, but I enjoyed the awards ceremony. I especially loved that I don't think the orchestra cut ANYBODY's thank you speeches off. That was great.

And yes, when it was all over, we watched Amazing Race.   The pie tosses reminded me of a day, many years ago.  So many children, so many pies.  So much mess on our front lawn...


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