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14 February 2009

I am sending no mushy Valentines to the Internet today.   I had a bunch of corrections to make to Dr. G's two sites, one professional, one personal.  The professional one was easy enough to make, though my god how many of those photos does one need to get the point across?

But the personal site was driving me bonkers.  It wasn't the site, or the information he sent to me, but the dumb FTP connection, which kept giving me a message that it was locking me out, though I've logged into that site many times.   I sent off an SOS to the provider (which is the one advantage of going with a local provider rather than ComCast or one of the bigger providers.  Not only can I reach someone at the provider office, but he knows who I am when he hears from me).

I know he works late afternoon and into the evening rather than the 8-5 hours.  Before I could hear back from him, I re-entered the password and it was the open sesame I needed.  Whoopie!  I sent a note to Rob, my provider rep, and he responded with "Yay!"

So I went to the HTM folder and started makng the change Dr G wanted made.  This took about half an hour.  When I went to upload them through the FTP program, it had locked me out again, and would not let me back in.

I tried doing what I did before, re-entering the password, but it steadfastly refused to let me in. 

I went ahead and finished the edits, then logged completely out of the FTP program, logged back in again, re-entered the password and voila!  I was in once again.  I quickly uploaded the files and I think I have it all finished, except for what Dr. G is going to send me over the weekend.

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We're taking off for Los Angeles tomorrow morning.  This is our now-annual trip to So. California to see recording of four different episodes of the radio show, Says You.  Ever since we went the first year and only went to one of the tapings (they tape 2 shows each on 2 nights), we have gone back and splurged on both day/night broadcasts. 

Last year Walt found a great motel that was very near the Skirball Cultural Center, where the show is taped.  It came with free wi fi and a Denny's on the property, so it was perfect for our needs.  We've re-booked this time too.   Ashley is going to be staying here and may or may not be bringing a foster dog.   We won't know if we have a new foster dog until we get home Sunday night and see how many bodies are here!

Then, this apparently being "radio week," on next Thursday, the 19th, we are going down to UC Berkeley to watch a taping of the radio show Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me, with Char and some of her family.  I'm not as big a fan of Wait, Wait as I am of Says You, but I know it's going to be a fun experience.   That show is much more topical, so it doesn't last as well as Says You.   You can listen to Says You several years after the particular show was broadcast and it's just as fresh as it was originally, but Wait Wait relies more on topical material.

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I found these on the internet the other day and I'm wondering if anybody has any experience with them...or any thoughts about them.  I'm thinking this would be just groovy for me to take with me to France/Italy in June, to save the worry about losing pictures.  But I'm not sure about the availability of wi fi spots where we'll be.  But it sure is a cool idea, I think!

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