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11 February 2009

In the morning, my mother was embarrassed to get rid of the evidence.

MomBottles.jpg (71554 bytes)

Actually, we joke about our drunken revels at Cousins Day, but it's not as bad as this picture would have you think.  We had so many partial bottles of things left over after our special drinks for the past two years that we did inventory, consolidated what we could and threw away what had been used up. 

But you have to admit that the sight of an almost 90 year old woman with an armload of empty booze bottles is pretty funny.

Except for the time I threw the cards at Peach after she'd won the third game, it was a fairly uneventful couple of days.  This morning I threatened to beat her with the contents of my coin bag...except there wasn't enough in it to make any impact.  

Yes, third month in a row where Peach was the big winner.  We all won something.  I won two games, my mother won two, Kathy won one and Peach won four.  The money-hog.  But we had a great time and our sides were aching from laughter as we started talking about my mother ever being too unable to care for herself and moving in with me.  At one point we had to threaten to make Peach drink vinegar.

This month I made something called a "black eye," which was vodka with blackberry brandy and lime juice.

BlackEye.jpg (60683 bytes)

Peach brought stuffed potato skins for hors d'oeuvres and Kathy made a delicious chicken/rice dish for dinner.

KathDinner.jpg (63625 bytes)

...and artichokes, of course.  (artichokes are just an excuse to eat mayonnaise, you know!)

When dinner was finished, Peach suprised Kathy and me with a lovely Boston Cream Pie, since Kathy's birthday is this week and mine is next week.

PeachCake.jpg (62800 bytes)

BDcake.jpg (86169 bytes)

Then were were more cards to be played, more talk to be talked, more laughs to be laughed, a bit of sleep, breakfast, cards, and back on the road to return home.

As always we came home in a cloud of camaraderie and looking forward to next month's Cousins Day!


CousinsDayFeb.jpg (111830 bytes)



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