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7 February 2009

One of the questions on "That's My Answer" yesterday was "What is your most vivid childhood memory?"   I realized that I don't have "a" most vivid childhood memory.  The vivid memories come more like a slide show.  It's hard to know what makes them vivid.   Some of them are mere flashes of memory, disjointed, unconnected to anything else.   I thought I'd just let my brain float and see what comes out...

1. My earliest memory may be of a train trip to Los Angeles.  My mother tells me I was 18 months old and I can't remember anything except being on the train. 

2. I remember spending the night once at my grandmother's in Inverness.  My mother, Karen and I all slept in the same bed, under the window in the living room, and I remember waking up in a panic because I didn't know where I was and I was sleeping cross-wise on the bed.  I probably was pretty young then too, maybe under 5.

3. I remember arriving for my first day at Kindergarten.  I started later than most of the kids because I was a year younger and the school had made a special exception for me to join the class because my friend Stephen was in the class.   I just remember standing at the door, the nun making comments about my long curls.   I don't remember anything else about kindergarten.

4. I remember having a fight with Karen when our parents were out and in the course of the fight, some marble bookends got broken.  Father O'Looney had brought them to my mother from Mexico and I remember lying on the floor, pounding the floor because I'd broken the special bookend and terrified about what my mother was going to do to me (she took away TV privileges for a day)

5. I remember my father carrying me up our back stairs to see the full moon.  He had just read me a story about the Man in the Moon and how the dark blotches you see on the moon were dirty fingerprints on his robe made by a little kid.   I was terrified of the moon because I was afraid the man was going to get me.

6. I remember all the times we went downstairs to the basement, which had a dirt floor and dirt walls, to help my father wrap gifts for my mother because he didn't know how to wrap packages and I was very good at it.  In fact, when I got older, my specialty was making ribbon roses. 

7. I remember my father going out to the back porch, which had a window in it.  We would do taste tests and hand him things to taste through the window.  The one I remember most was a milk test where he was trying to tell which was the richest milk.

8. I remember my mother helping me with my homework and me getting so frustrated that I finally excused myself to go out into the kitchen, where I stuck my tongue out at her.  I still haven't figured out how she knew that because when I came back, she asked "did you enjoy sticking your tongue out at me?"

9.  I remember lying in bed with my mother sitting on the bed, both of us listening to "One Man's Family," a nightly soap opera.

10. I remember standing over the floor heaters on cold mornings.

11. I remember sitting off in a corner during school recesses, reading a book, the nuns trying to get me down to run and play.

12. I remember taking a bobbie pin and chipping flakes of stone off of the side of the church building.

13. I remember how much I loved dunking powdered sugar donuts in hot chocolate in the school cafeteria.

14. I remember singing at top volume during music classes in school, when sister would walk down the aisles and listen to us.  I knew I had a glorious voice and was always hurt that she didn't realize that.  (see yesterday's entry about my aspirations to sing opera!)

15. I remember being in a procession with a special status of Our Lady of Lourdes that was traveling around the world.  We traveled up and down the halls of an old folks home and I was terrified of the old people.

16.  I remember going with my father to watch our pizza being made, standing on a wooden box so I could look over the top of the counter.  The pizza guy always gave me pieces of mozzarella while he worked.  This was long before fast food pizza joints were invented.

17.  I remember being sent to the bakery by my mother to get bread dough so she could make "hockies" (what we called fried bread dough) and being so frustrated because the baker didn't know what "hockie dough" was.   He had to call my mother to clarify what exactly he was supposed to give me.

18.  I remember my father being angry with me for not crying when my grandfather died.  He wasn't happy with me until I locked myself in the backroom an made my eyes wet, so he thought I actually cried.

19. I remember my parents rolling up the living room rug so they could have parties where people danced when my father played the piano.

20. I remember when all my father's paycheck money went into envelopes in a lunchbox in the kitchen.  Apparently that only lasted a few months, but I always thought that was the way you budgeted.

21. I remember having to sell Christmas seals door to door and setting up a stand at the bus stop to sell Girl Scout cookies.  I was a rotten salesman and hated asking people to buy things from me.

22. I remember when my father tried to make peanut butter cookies and put in too much liquid, so we had to drink them!  (My mother doesn't remember this at all)

23. I remember when my cousin Peach thought it would be funny to lock me in the closet.  I had claustrophobia and was terrified.  (But I've forgiven her)

24.  I remember ice skating lessons as a Girl Scout and how frustrated I was at not being able to do anything more complicated than skate forward.

25.  I remember my grandfather taking me into the hen house to show me newborn baby chicks and taking me to gather eggs.

As you can see, my vivid memories aren't of anything special, or even interesting, but those are the things that come to mind when you say "vivid memories."


iceskate.jpg (50014 bytes)

My ice skating class.
I remember the names of 9 out of the 14
I must have been about 12 here; it was after I was on my first diet,
one of the few times in my life when I was normal weight.



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