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25 December 2009

As I write this, parents and children all over the world are busy tracking Santa's flight on NORAD.  For us, however, Christmas is now a memory...but a nice one it is too.

Alice Nan and Joe went off to work in the morning.  Walt and I set up Archie and Edith computers and vegetated for a few hours.

Walt and Jeri went off to Maravilla to visit grandma.  Walt and I decided to give my cough one more day before inflicting it on his mother, but when they came home, we went to the store and then home to wait for Norm, Tom, Laurel and the star of the show, Bri, to arrive.

Bri's hair has grown a lot since I last saw her and my surprise was how curly it has become.

She was kind of afraid of Dexter, so we put him outside for awhile.

When we let him back in, he seemed to sense he shouldn't jump on her, so they made friends...and then it got to where she wanted to hug him all the time, so I put him in the crate to protect him.  I think he was relieved because we didn't hear a peep out of him the whole night!

This may be my favorite picture of her of the night.  Laurel wanted her to wear the headband that went with the dress, but Bri insisted on putting it on all by herself.

Dinner (honey baked ham) was delicious and there is a story about the side dishes which will eventually be a video after I get home!

Bri was Santa's elf and passed out packages, helping everybody open his or her gift.

Jeri had bought Bri an old family favorite story book, "Caps for Sale" and Bri immediately plopped herself in Jeri's lap so she could read the book for her.

Bri finally started feeling sleepy, so it was time for jammies and then on to home.

I took Dexter out for a walk, hoping he'd poop (he did--as soon as we got back home again.  Sigh.), Walt and his siblings went to Maravilla to say goodnight to grandma, and Jeri & Joe decided to try to make beautiful music together.  Jeri took a class learning to play the violin and when I finally get this video posted, after I get home, everyone will have to remember that she is a professional musician on the saxophone, clarinet, and flute!

Let's just say she's not going to be on any concert stage with the violin, but it was pretty amazing what she can do.  The violin itself belonged to Joe's great grandfather and it tickles him that someone can (sorta kinda) play it.

As I sit here in the darkened room (Walt's brother Norm is sleeping on the floor just a few feet from where I am), not a creature is stirring, not even Dexter.  I am about to go let visions of sugarplums dance in my head, even though for all intents and purposes, our Christmas has already taken place.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.






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